Etta-Tawo Impresses; Temple Game Moving?

CLEMSON - Talks about moving the Oct. 14 Clemson-Temple football game in Philadelphia to Charlotte has resurfaced.

TEMPLE GAME IN CHARLOTTE? Clemson senior associate athletic director Dwight Rainey said Wednesday Temple University approached Clemson about moving the game to Thursday night, Oct. 12, after the same outside party who initially tried to move the game earlier this year, approached the Owls with the new idea.

Rainey didn't reveal who the outside party is. The game will still not be televised.

Clemson, which Rainey says will play Temple anywhere they want them to, likes the idea because it allows Clemson's fan base in the Charlotte area to see the Tigers in their area.

"Over the years we have had a number of people in Charlotte that wanted us to take a home game to Charlotte, but economically that doesn't make sense," he said. "There is just no way that can be done.

"When they approached us on this, it was an opportunity to take an away game there which is like playing a home game and we hope we would have 40,000 to 50,000 Clemson people in there."

If the game does get moved to Oct. 12, it will mean the Tigers will have four days to prepare for the Owls. Clemson coach Tommy Bowden doesn't mind the move because Temple will also have just four days to prepare for the game.

"As long as Temple works on the same parameters I wouldn't mind," Bowden said. "Charlotte is a lot closer than Philadelphia so it is probably going to be a win-win for both. We will probably draw better for Temple and they will probably appreciate the crowd, and our fans will appreciate it if they do it."

Clemson plays Wake Forest on Oct. 7 and if the Temple game is moved to Oct. 12 it will also mean the Tigers have an extra four days to prepare for Georgia Tech on Oct. 21.

"That would be another plus," Bowden said.

The idea of moving the game to Charlotte on Oct. 14 fell through because there is a NASCAR race also scheduled for that day. Clemson tried to switch its date with Louisiana Tech on Sept. 30 and the Temple game to accommodate the move, but things didn't work out.

"We were trying to flip flop those dates," Rainey said. "We knew that game was on the 14th as well and there was no way we could do that with a NASCAR race."

As for right now, the Temple game is still scheduled for Oct. 14 in Philadelphia and there is no announcement expected for at least two weeks. Rainey said there is a 50-50 chance the game could get moved, but it will depend if the promoter thinks he can make money or not.

"They have to rent the facility from the Panthers, get clearance from hotels and all that, and of course the biggest thing is they have to sign a contract with Temple.

"We will jump through that hoop when it comes."

FIRST DAY IN FULL PADS: Clemson completed its first day in full gear Wednesday without any serious injures. Bowden said defensive back Duane Coleman cramped a little bit in one of his legs and was placed in a green jersey to avoid contact.

"We had a lot of enthusiasm, but I don't think we got anybody hurt," he said. "We tried to do a lot of low risk drills because we have a scrimmage (Saturday) and I think we can get better if we can just stay healthy."

ETTA-ETTA WHO? Etta Etta-Tawo, a freshman defensive tackle from Powder Springs, Ga., jumped out at Bowden in Wednesday's practice.

"He kind off shot off and jumped out in our little one-on-one drills," Bowden said. "He had a good first day. He jumped off the radar."

verall, the Tigers had a solid workout and Bowden likes his team's enthusiasm after three workouts.

"Enthusiasm has been good and it looks like we have some ability to establish some pretty good leaders on the team," he said.

Bowden said it didn't get a chance to get a good look at guys like Jacoby Ford, James Davis or any other skilled player because they worked in so many players it was hard to get a good evaluation of them.

"We do so much over there and we have so many guys on that board and have 100 and something guys going like rapped fire," he said. "Saturday will be the first time where we can actually see if (Ford) can make somebody miss."

Clemson will practice again Friday afternoon before having a team scrimmage on Saturday. Top Stories