Big DT Listing the Tigers

One of the better defensive tackle's in Georgia this year is Peach County's Dion Armstrong.

Dion has received letters from across the country and he names an early leader for his signature.

"I get stuff from Clemson, Auburn, Louisville, Arizona State, Colorado State and Georgia Tech. Right now I like Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Clemson and South Carolina. Georgia Tech is my favorite school," Dion Armstrong said.

The Jackets made a big impression on previous visits to the Flats by Armstrong.

"It's close to home and I've always loved them since I've been there a couple of times."

What stands out about the other four programs in early contention?

Georgia: "It's just the atmosphere. When you see them practice, it just makes you want to get out there."

Auburn: "They play the best players, no matter what size they are."

Clemson: "They've just steadily improved their program and are going to be one of the top contenders in a year or so."

South Carolina: "I like Steve Spurrier a lot and he's turned the program into a real good one up there."

When it comes time to pick a school, Dion will be looking for a few specific things in the team of his choice.

"I want a place with a high graduation rate of course. I want to get in and play early and go to a place where I can win some big games."

Peach County won the AAA title in '05 and Armstrong knows the Trojans will now have a bullseye on their back as they go forward.

"I just want to get better and make the best grades I can. I think we can replace some of the guys we lost and hopefully compete for the championship again." Top Stories