Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – For the third time this spring, the Clemson football team was in full dress and scrimmaged. And in the end, Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden was somewhat indifferent about how it went. There were negatives and some positives in how the team performed.

As far the defense is concerned, Bowden finally saw some of the big hits he's been waiting for. The only problem is they came from the same person.

"Chris Clemons had both today and jarred the ball loose," Bowden said. "But of course on the back end, you're looking for the receivers to hold onto the ball. They were good collisions, ball separating collisions, but you'd like to see more other than Chris."

However, Bowden still wasn't pleased with the way the defense managed the flow of the scrimmage.

"You'd like to see one side of the ball, preferably defense, control the game and at some point control the tempo and the whole success of the offense," Bowden said. "We're not there yet. We've had some success, but not enough where you say, ‘Man alive, this defense is really going to jump off the charts.' "

One area Bowden did like, but at the same time didn't like, was the way the defense controlled the goal line situations.

It's a double-edged sword, he wants the defense to do well, but at the same time he wants the offense to be able to score touchdowns.

"The second-team offense scored, but you'd like to see the first-team offense run out there (and do well)," Bowden said.

Also on offense, Bowden is happy with the way the offensive line is playing, but he's disappointed that they haven't thrust their personality on the entire offense. It's as if they are content doing what they're doing.

"I don't see them taking over and taking charge out there," he said.

Extra Points
Once again, the only player who didn't practice was backup center Barry Humphries, who is still nursing a high ankle sprain. Bowden is hoping Humphries will be able to play in Saturday's scrimmage. … Bowden also said he expects everyone currently on the roster to be there when fall camp starts in August. Top Stories