Clemson - Carolina Photo Gallery

The Tigers lost a 3-run lead Wednesday evening and never quite recovered as the South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the Tigers 12-5. Here are the highlights.

Home Plate umpire Kevin Daugherty warns Clemson pitcher Steve Reba after Reba threw a wild pitch at South Carolina's Drew Meyer in the first inning. (AP/Ted Kirk)

South Carolina left fielder Garris Gonce slides safely to home plate after Clemson catcher Collin Mahoney drops the ball in the sixth inning. (AP/Ted Kirk)

Clemson's Michael Johnson, (31), is congratulated by teammates after he hit a two-run home run in the third inning. (AP/Ted Kirk)

Left fielder Roberto Valiente watches as South Carolina fans in the stands catch the ball from a two-run home run by South Carolina designated hitter Trey Dysonin in the fourth inning. (AP/Ted Kirk)

South Carolina second baseman Kevin Melillo, throws to first base for a double play after taking out Clemson's Collin Mahoney in the second inning. (AP/Nati Harnik)

South Carolina's Garris Gonce slides into home safely under the tag by Clemson's Collin Mahoney in the bottom of the sixth inning. (AP/Dave Weaver) Top Stories