DB Nathan Trott Update

DB Nathan Trott is a standout cover man from North Carolina that could be moving to Texas in the near future. He displayed excellent cover skills at the Nike Camp in Chapel Hill, NC, and he also has the Tigers in his top 3.

Nathan Trott is a textbook cover corner. Watching him at the Nike Camp in Chapel Hill, he was the most fundamentally sound cover corner on the field. He covered the out and the out and up equally well, and was never beaten in man coverage. Trott comes by his technique honestly as he is the son of Baylor defensive coordinator Bob Trott.

Trott is currently at Northern High School in Durham, NC, but that may change soon. "My dad is coming here next week, and we're going to decide whether I'm moving to Texas next week or not," said Trott. "I'm not sure what I'm going to do, but I'll know soon."

Wherever Trott ends up, one lucky school will benefit from having him on the field. He is camping at several schools this summer to hone his skills. "I've already gone to North Carolina and Baylor, and I'll be going to Rice later this summer. My top 5 right now would include Clemson, Rice, North Carolina, Furman, and Baylor. Pretty much everyone is recruiting me as a corner right now."

  • Junior Stats: 55 tackles and 4 INT's
  • Summer Camps: North Carolina, Baylor, and Rice
  • Misc.: Father, Bob Trott, is defensive coordinator at Baylor and former coach at Clemson Top Stories