Spring Scrimmage Notebook

CLEMSON – Clemson football coach Tommy Bowden finally got the supremacy that he'd been waiting for, unfortunately the wrong side of the ball had it in the scrimmage Saturday morning at Memorial Stadium.

Bowden has stated from the first spring practice that he's hoping the defense will shine and stifle the offense, but that has yet to happen. In previous outings, there's been a stalemate, but Saturday, the offense controlled the battle from start to finish.

"You keep saying that you'd like to see one side dominate, but it wasn't (the right side)," Bowden said. "The offense pretty much did what they wanted. That lets you know you're not where you need to be, because you'd like to get a little more consistency defensively."

All three quarterbacks, Will Proctor, Cullen Harper and Tribble Reese, looked good. Combined, they were 34-of-44 for 416 yards and five touchdowns with no interceptions.

"We had a lot of things clicking for us today," Proctor said. "The defense had really gotten onto us Wednesday. We've been installing so much, but we're at a pretty good point right now."

The Tigers also were strong on the ground as James Davis had 11 carries for 60 yards. He also scored twice. Demerick Chancellor added 58 yards and two touchdowns on 17 carries.

The running game was in stark contrast to what transpired Friday, as each tailback struggled to gain much ground.

"We came in fired up," Davis said. "We wanted to show that we were a lot better than what we showed yesterday."

To illustrate just how dominate the offense was, it took over at the defense's 30-yard-line four times and scored three touchdowns and a field goal.

One of the new wrinkles the first-team offense threw out there in goal line situations was the wishbone offense, with red-shirt sophomore Alex Pearson of Greenville as the fullback.

"We ran a little of it back in high school," said Davis, who scored a touchdown from the set. "It's like old-school days."

Defensive Bandit Gaines Adams was clearly disgruntled with the way the entire defense performed.

"What can I say, they abused us today," Adams said. "We've just got to come back Monday and get it done. There ain't no excuses."

Adams said he's not sure what the problem with defense was.

"I don't know what the problem is," he said. "I wish I knew, maybe could've contained them. I don't know what it was."

There were some highlights with the defense as senior cornerback Duane Coleman led the way with eight tackles, while teammates Chris Russell, a transfer from Colorado, had six tackles, as did defensive tackle Dorell Scott and sophomore linebacker Antonio Clay.

Defensive end Kwam Williams had two tackles for loss for 10 yards, while Rashaad Jackson had two tackles for loss for 12 yards.

Toward the end of the scrimmage, starting right guard Nathan Bennett and starting middle linebacker Anthony Waters got into a fight that was just inches away from being extremely serious.

As the two were slugging it out, Waters ripped off Bennett's helmet and as Bennett slightly lost his balance and had his had looking down, Waters did a roundhouse swing with the helmet in hand. The swing barely missed Bennett's head, which obviously could have caused severe damage.

When asked, Bennett didn't want to talk about it. However, one player said Waters' actions was "uncalled for."

After the scrimmage, Bowden and other coaches spoke to the players involved to try and calm them down as well as educate them.

"We try to teach off of it," Bowden said. "They would be ejected. But in spring, it's just the emotions being pretty high. That's why I don't open practice a whole bunch. I would never have had that question. But ya'll wanted out here and that's what you see."

Extra Points
Freshman wide receiver sensation Jacoby Ford hurt his foot in the middle of the scrimmage and was held out the rest of the way. It at first looked serious as he was helped off the field and had his shoulder pads removed. However, he later walked back to the football complex under his own power. …

Former defensive line coach Marion Hobby was on hand watching. He said he was in town visiting his family, which has yet to move to New Orleans with him. However, that will change soon as he just purchased a house. …

Cornerback C.J. Gaddis was yelled at extensively by Bowden after the rising junior ran into placekicker Jad Dean on a field goal attempt. Dean didn't take to kindly to it either, as he got into a pushing match with Gaddis.

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