Proctor Takes Own Initiative to Improve

CLEMSON – Even though it's only April, there is a strong sense of urgency for Clemson quarterback Will Proctor.

After waiting in the wings for four years, he's got approximately nine months until his career with the Tigers is over and he's not spending his time frivolously.

A perfect example of that is what occurred over Clemson's Spring Break just a week ago.

While nearly all of his teammates went to sunny beaches where scantily clad, bikini-wearing co-eds roam, Proctor was working up a sweat of a different kind.

Even though he spent his break in his hometown of Orlando, Fla., Proctor was also working with the likes of Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor, Pittsburgh linebacker James Farrior, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Jamie Sharper, and Minnesota Vikings receiver Ryan Hoag.

All this was under the tutelage of Tom Shaw, who runs one of the more renowned performance enhancement camps in the nation.

"I worked on footwork, throwing mechanics, timing and did my first seven-step drop," Proctor said. "It was real football specific type drills."

All this came without the knowledge of Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden, who discovered it after Proctor's return to Clemson. Bowden said he was pleased his quarterback took such an initiative to improve himself.

Any work with Shaw, the New England Patriots' speed and conditioning coach, is no doubt beneficial. His reputation is unmatched, as evident by having Jay Cutler, Payton Manning, Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady and Jake Delhomme employ his services.

Proctor's time with Shaw at the Atlanta Braves' complex was a definite learning experience, but there will be much more intensive workouts after classes at Clemson are over.

"It was basically like a walkthrough," Proctor said. "They were showing me the lay of the land so when I'm home in May, I can workout in the summer and next spring and pick right back up where I left off."

In the past, Proctor has worked out with Daunte Cullpepper, as well as the NBA's Corey Maggette and Jason Williams. But it didn't have much to do with football. It was more of a basic conditioning workout.

However, with Shaw, it was all football all the time, which is exactly what Proctor was looking for.

"It was fun and it was cool," he said. "I'm definitely going back in the summer." Top Stories