O&W Game: 5 Things to Watch

The Orange & White game will officially kickoff at 1:00 PM Saturday afternoon. Today, CUTigers.com presents you with five things to watch during the game.

1) Jacoby Ford
Already deemed as the "fastest man alive," WR/KR Jacoby Ford should play in Saturday's spring game despite suffering a bruised foot six days ago. Ford will be utilized in a variety of ways, but don't be surprised to see him get a couple of opportunities in the short passing game (bubble screens and quick routes) early on. Fans will immediately notice his speed- one step past a defender means six points goes on the board. He's that lethal.

2) The New Format
Let's face the facts, the last few years have seen the Orange & White game produced very little information in regards to what to expect for the upcoming season. This year, that should change as head coach Tommy Bowden has switched up the format. No longer will the game feature offense vs. defense. This year, Bowden will have to separate teams with both offensive and defensive players competing against each other. The players love the idea and the fans will too because it offers more of a realistic competition between the two sides. Plus, with offensive coordinator Rob Spence and defensive coordinator Vic Koenning entering their second season at Clemson, there should be less of an emphasis on secrecy in terms of play calling and formations.

3) Rendrick Taylor
This wide receiver/tight end/fullback/j-back appears to have turned the corner entering his second year in the program. What that means is that you'll see Taylor featured more as a blocking back and also as a ball carrier. Sometimes he's lined up as a fullback, while other times he's lined up at tight end. He'll also see time at wide receiver in the slot and in an H-back position. "I've haven't coached anybody like that physically at that position since I've been coaching," Spence said. "Rendrick is a really talented wide receiver who also has the ability to do some of these other things. He's truly is a unique specimen. …

4) The New Quarterbacks
With Charlie Whitehurst headed to the NFL, for the first time in a long time, the quarterback position will feature a new starter in 2006. While Will Proctor will take over that spot this year, there's also new blood taking over on the second team with Cullen Harper. By all accounts, both Proctor and Harper, not to mention current third-teamer Tribble Reese have looked good this spring. You'll also notice more running from the quarterback position as coach Spence takes advantage of Proctor's quickness.

5) Cornerback
Just one year ago, Clemson's two current starting cornerbacks were both playing different positions. Now, with Tye Hill looking to be the first cornerback taken in the 2006 NFL Draft, the spotlight now moves to Duane Coleman and C.J. Gaddis. How will they respond? Headed into the upcoming season, this appears to be the biggest question mark on the team.

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