Roman Fry Dominating the Ohio Football Scene

Roman Fry has had a busy summer so far, playing in one of Ohio's most prestigious all-star games last weekend. His peformance was so impressive that he has also been invited to play in "the super bowl of high school football" on July 20th in Hershey, PA.

Big OL Roman Fry has had the chance to work on his game a little bit this summer. For starters, he played in the Ohio All-Star Classic this past Saturday in Columbus.

"He was elected co-captain, and got to speak at the banquet with about over 400 people in attendance. He followed former Ohio State coach Earle Bruce, who was the keynote speaker," said Ed Fry late Monday evening.

"He had a terrific game. Played center the entire game except for a series or two at tackle. He had never played center before, but his team used the Clemson spread/no huddle offense and Roman was the only one who could snap it out of the shotgun. He had been working on it since February after Coach West told him he might be playing center at Clemson. So that worked out pretty good."

Fry will now play in the Big 33 game, a contest which matches the best players in Ohio and Pennsylvania against each other. "It is billed as the super bowl of high school football," said Ed Fry. "Every Super Bowl game played has had at least one athlete who played in the Big 33."

Roman was originally planning to attend the second summer session at Clemson, but he decided against it once he found out his scholarship didn't kick in until the fall.

He will report with the rest of the incoming class on August 4th, but he won't be reporting alone.

The entire Fry family will be moving down to Clemson as well. I know I speak for all Clemson fans, when I say welcome to the one of the most wonderful places on Earth!

* Photo courtesy of Howie McCormick/The Ironton Tribune Top Stories