Tigers Moving on Up with Hall

Ty Hall has offers from all over the country, but its the golden corner of South Carolina that is peeking his interest right now. Hall spent 3 days in Clemson two weeks ago, and we've got the latest on that trip and much more contained in this report.

One of the top offensive linemen from the great state of Ohio is looking very closely at the Clemson Tigers. Big OL Ty Hall went camping at Clemson two weeks ago and had a fantastic time.

"Things went very well at Clemson, and I had a lot of fun. I like Clemson alot more now than I did before camp," said Hall.

"I think that the Clemson coaches got to see that I am very athletic for a lineman, they saw this during 'bowdenball'. I was throwing bombs all day, and also catching touchdowns." Hall added, "One guy even said something about playing tight end, but I dont know if he was from Clemson or not. My position there will be either be on the offensive or defensive line."

So what about coming down for a game this fall? Is that in the works?

"I think I will be coming to a game on November 16th with my teammate Chris, and my coach too."

Interestingly enough, the Tigers also offered Ty's good friend, Chris. Chris Norwell is an enormous offensive tackle prospect. He stands about 6-feet, 7-inches tall, and weighs in at right over 250 lbs.

"Throughout our years weve always been next to each other. I was at defensive tackle, he was defensive tackle, I was a tight end, he was a tackle, I was guard, he was tackle, and now this year it will be me at tackle, and him at tight end," added Hall.

Looks like this could be a package deal for these two impressive athletes. We'll have more on Norwell in the very near future, and of course, we will continue to keep you updated on Ty Hall throughout the summer and next season.

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