Hill Talks NFL Draft

CLEMSON - Decked out in Arizona Cardinals gear, former Clemson cornerback Tye Hill said Tuesday he expects to go in the first round of Saturday's NFL draft. Find out which teams he's visited with in recent weeks, and much more, in this report!


How have you been feeling the last couple of days leading up to the draft? Anxious? Nervous?
Hill: A little of both. Anxious and nervous. I don't think I'll really start getting nervous until it comes around to the picks and it's time for me to come off the board. For me, I think around pick nine, going on up I'll be anxious and nervous.

What have you been doing these last few weeks?
Hill: Well, my last few weeks have been kind of busy. I've been interviewing with teams, working out for teams. Of course I did the Senior Bowl and the Combine. As soon as I came back home I really have just been working out. Actually it's like you are on call 24/7. If a team wants to bring you in, it's what airport and just get there. That's your interview. I'm doing everything I can to put myself in the best situation.

Do you think you've really proven yourself to scouts between the end of the season and now?
Hill: Most definitely. I think I have. I think I've done everything I can do to really solidify myself as a first-rounder. Right now it's just a matter of being picked, and hopefully being picked by a team that's going to utilize my talents and where I can contribute early.

Which NFL players have you talked to and gotten advice from leading up to the draft?
Hill: The people I've talked to ... guys like DeAngelo Hall, Justin Miller and Airese Currie. They main thing they've been saying is that now it's a job. They tell me to approach it as it's still the game of football but now it's a job.

What are some of the teams you've visited with since the end of the season?
Hill: I took three in-house visits. Tennessee, New England and the St. Louis Rams.

What happens on those kinds of visits?
Hill: Those interviews, for me, I didn't have to do any workouts. They are mostly like meet and greet, just talking and going over film. I think when I went to New England, that's when I looked at film with their secondary coach. You also meet with the head coaches.

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