Canes Now on Top for 5-Star DE?

This defensive end target appears to have a favorite emerging from the rest of the pack.

Louisiana linebacker/fullback Allen Bailey (6-3, 255, 4.8) said he favors Miami heavily over Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas and USC. The McIntosh County Academy (Darien) bruiser claims to have offers from Miami, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Auburn, Clemson and Alabama and is being recruited by Texas, LSU, Georgia Tech and USC as well.

"Miami has a good lead right now," Bailey said. "They offered me on March 1. I went there two weeks ago for the spring game. I like that the school is not that big. There were about 16,000 students there so it wasn't that packed. I've talked to Coach (Clint) Hurtt. I really like him a lot. He said that they're coming down next week to see me.

"I like Georgia a lot too. I haven't been there for a while. I've seen the campus and facilities a lot because the school is only a couple of hours from my house. I was really impressed with everything there. They offered me my sophomore year when I was at Nike camp down there. I went to go watch a couple of their games. I want to get up there soon again, probably this summer.

"Florida is my number three pick now," he said. "I've been there for a couple of practices last month. They offered me a couple of weeks ago, I think on April 8. I really like the environment and the academics there. Where Miami is small, Florida is a big football school…with great tradition."

Bailey, who attended Clemson's spring game earlier this month, said he hasn't been able to personally contact many of the schools yet. "I don't have a cell phone, so they only way the coaches can reach me is by mail or until I call them. I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of calls, starting next week.

"I really like Alabama too," Bailey said. "I want to get up there. I haven't been able to visit yet. They offered me pretty quick, during basketball season in February. I really love Alabama. I've followed them for a long time. I want to take a visit this summer.

"Texas is on my top list too. I've talked to one of the coaches once. I can't remember his name. I've gotten a lot of mail from them, but they haven't offered yet. I really like how they recruit at linebacker. It would be great to play for them, since they are national champs.

Bailey said USC is another school he is looking at. But if he did get an offer from them, he would really have to think about the distance. "I really like USC--they are such a strong program, who produce stars. I've been getting a lot of mail from them. They told me they're going to come see me in the spring. It would be great to be a part of that team…they're going to be good for a long time. If I got an offer from them, they would definitely move up on my list, but I would have to think hard about it because I'd like to stay close to home so my family could see me play.

"I think my strength is my reaction time--being able to go from sideline-to-sideline. I really want to work on getting more practice in the opposing backfield. I don't get back there as much as I should." Top Stories