Q & A with OL Jarrod Britt

OL Jarrod Britt pulled the trigger yesterday afternoon with a commitment to the Clemson Tigers. What made him go ahead and decide that Clemson was the place for him? Who else is already beating down his door? Details inside.

Jarrod Britt, out of McEachern High School in Powder Springs, GA has been moving up the charts as one of the top offensive linemen in the southeast over the course of the last couple of months.

As an enormous offensive lineman, standing in at 6-feet, 5-inches tall, weighing close to 275 lbs, and possessing 4.9 speed, you can understand why.

Fortunately for Tiger fans, after a couple of visits, some phone calls, and more letters than you can count from Coach West, he decided that Clemson was the best place for him yesterday afternoon.

So what made him go ahead and decide to commit to the Tigers in early July?

"Well, I just wanted to go ahead and take all the pressure off me for my senior year," said Britt. "I've got a lot of work to do before I go up there, and I think this will just take the pressure off me and help me out."

"I was looking at Florida and Maryland, but the thing is, Maryland is a long ways away, and so is Florida. I'd like to stay somewhere that is a little closer to home. Plus, I love that lake up there in Clemson."

Britt will likely be utilized as a left tackle once he arrives on campus next fall. "Coach West said they'll need me at tackle, but like I said, I've got a lot of work to do before then."

Since Scott Kennedy broke the announcement yesterday, you can bet that several schools have already started to try and change his mind. "Florida sent me an e-mail already, and I'm sure there will be more coming," said Britt.

"I probably won't be taking anymore visits though, I've seen a whole bunch of schools already. Clemson is where I want to go, I just like it up there."

And what about getting some of those other Georgia linemen to come to Tiger Town?

"We'll likely be playing Parkview in the playoffs this year, and I know I'll get a chance to talk to that big guy over there, Zeb. I'd like to get him to come to Clemson too."

Without question, Jarrod Britt represents a huge commitment for Tommy Bowden, especially considering that 2003 will be another year that the offensive line will be a huge priority. He is very firm in his commitment, he's already fully qualified, and he's a workhorse in the weight room.

In fact, he has an area down in his house that he refers to as "the Dungeon." The Dungeon is where Jarrod, his dad, and one of his power lifting buddies, Paul, all go to get stronger. "We close the door, turn up the stereo and go at it. Its not always fun, but it works," said Britt.

You bet it works. The big fella had offers from every school you can name in the south. But fortunately, he's already decided on the Clemson Tigers.

That's one down, and probably 4 more to go, as far as offensive linemen are concerned for 2003.

We'd like to conclude by thanking Jarrod for taking the time out to talk to us.

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