Tye Hill Talks Rams' Mini-camp

First-round pick Tye Hill on his first minicamp experience: "The tempo is crazy," he said.

Former Clemson cornerback and first-round pick Tye Hill talked recently about his first mini-camp experience with the St. Louis rams: "I thought it was going to be more of a walkthrough type event, and it was more of a high-tempo, get-after-it event," Hill said. "I thought I did pretty good for just getting back into football shape. Playing wide receivers, I haven't done any of that stuff since the Senior Bowl.

"The tempo is crazy. It's high tempo. I kind of expected it, but expecting it and it actually happening are two different things. By the end of practice, I thought my lungs were going to explode.

"During the walk-through, we were actually running full speed. We were going a little too fast a little too early, and that caused a lot of fatigue."

But the former Clemson cornerback showed a lot of ability and technical savvy in terms of his technique. More importantly, Rams' head coach Scott Linehan liked what he saw.

"What he showed was, obviously the skill level, but (also) what you don't get to see until you're around him: the competitive side," Linehan said. "He's got a great spirit about him. He's a humble kid. He's got confidence, but he knows he's got a ways to go. He keeps his mouth shut and goes about his business and improves every day. And that's what we're looking for."

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