Cloy Spends Memorial Day in Tigertown

Spring Valley offensive lineman Mason Cloy has been traveling the southeast for the past few weeks with his father on an unofficial visit tour. has all the details on his recent trip to Clemson, and every other stop along the way in another recruiting update.

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The 6-4, 260 pound prospect spent two days in Clemson over the Memorial Day weekend. "It went really well. I enjoyed it a lot," Cloy told "We didn't do as much fishing as we would have liked. The boats were all rented out since it was Memorial Day weekend. We did a little fishing off the bank. I guess you could say the fish weren't biting.

"Since we couldn't do much fishing we spent a lot of time driving around campus," he said. "We got to see what there was to see. The last time I didn't see a lot of campus. We got to see the whole thing several times. Last time we didn't see how nice it was. We just saw the McFadden building and the dorms last time. I didn't realize how much campus there was. It was well manicured and well groomed. It is a beautiful campus."

Mason and Col. Cloy also spent some time with Clemson offensive line coach Brad Scott on Monday. "That was great. It was my dad's first time meeting him. My dad learned a lot about coach Scott and coach Scott learned a lot about my dad," he said.

Coach Bowden was not available to meet with the Cloy's because he had another engagement. "The only bad thing was that coach Bowden could not be there," said Cloy. "He had to speak somewhere so he couldn't be there. We got to meet everyone else. I spent a lot of time with coach Spence and coach Batson."

The talented lineman was able to lunch with three current Tiger linemen on Monday. "I got to eat lunch with Nathan, Roman and Dustin. I had a lot in common with them. We spent a lot of time laughing at lunch."

What was the highlight of the Clemson visit for the prize recruit? "I really liked meeting the players," Cloy responded. "I had shaken their hands before, but I hadn't had a chance to meet them like I did this time. It was cool to meet them and see what type of players Clemson has. I could see that I could fit in with them. It was great to have lunch with three of the top offensive lineman in the country."

Before heading to Tigertown, Mason had already taken unofficial visits to several other schools during the past two weeks.

He spoke of his other trips:

Vanderbilt: "Our coaches at Spring Valley have close connections to the staff because they use to be involved with the Furman camps. I already knew it was a great staff, but it really showed when I got up there. Coach Johnson is really a nice guy. He spent a lot of time walking around campus with us. That was impressive. Most of the time you just get to meet with the head coach in his office. The coaches really represented the program well."

Tennessee: "We met with coach Brooks who is my recruiting coach. We also met with the tight end coach and the offensive line coach. We learned a little bit about the school. We got to meet with the head coach for a while. They have a huge stadium. That goes to show how strong their fan base is." Louisville: "That visit was the biggest surprise to me. We went in knowing nothing about them. I knew they had changed conferences to the Big East, but that was about it. We spent a long time with coach Summers going over how he develops the offensive linemen. We talked for about 45 minutes. He is a great coach. Their center just went to the Packers. He talked about the skills he teaches the lineman and what he requires for their NFL style offense."

Kentucky: "We met with coach Phillips. I was surprised to see how nice their campus was. I asked if it was new, but it wasn't. They have taken such great care of it. The weight room was huge."

The unofficial visit tour will continue for Mason and Col. Cloy over the next few weeks. "Monday we are going to Virginia Tech," said Cloy. "Then we are going to Virginia on the 10th. We might go to Georgia Tech, North Carolina and North Carolina State in between those visits, but we are still trying to figure out the plans."

The Spring Valley standout plans to narrow things down after completing the rest of the visits over the next two weeks. "It definitely getting a little monotonous," he said. "I feel like I am ready now. The recruiting process feels like a full time job. Maybe by the middle of June I will be ready to narrow things down." will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding offensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day. Top Stories