Gaddis Talks About His Commitment to Clemson

Considered to be one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks on the East Coast, QB C.J. Gaddis, of Hoke County High School in North Carolina, committed to the Tigers just yesterday. We caught up with young gun slinger Thursday evening, and here is what he had to say.

QB C.J. Gaddis has emerged on the recruiting scene at Clemson just recently, but boy what a splash he's made.

The 6-foot-1, 197-pound quarterback gave his verbal commitment to Coach Mike O'Cain and the Clemson Tigers just yesterday, finally ending a recruiting campaign that brought him in 17 scholarship offers.

"Every team in the ACC gave me an offer with the exception of Florida State. Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, and Colorado all offered me too. Colorado actually just popped up at the beginning of the summer," said Gaddis.

C.J. was primarily an option quarterback for Hoke County High School last season, but the team's philosophy began to change once his coaching staff became more aware of his abilities.

"They had me in the gun (shotgun) the last couple of games of the season. We were running the option before that, I'd say we were throwing only 8 or 9 times a game then, but after we went in the gun, it was more like 15-20 times. We'll be running in the shotgun alot more this season," said Gaddis. "I don't think they knew what I could do before that, but they do now."

Gaddis camped in Tiger Town back on June 9th, and it was then he decided that Clemson would probably be where he wanted to go. "I talked to Coach Bowden and Coach O'Cain in his office. They were telling me what they think of me and what they can do, and how I could help them out. It was great," said Gaddis.

"I ran a 4.41 at the Clemson camp, but they timed me at 4.33 at Carolina (North). That one was on turf though." Using that 4.4 speed was something Gaddis with regularity last season, as he rushed for over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns for the Fighting Bucks.

But he's not just a runner, he's a big time athlete, and when it comes to recruiting, the Tigers love him as a quarterback. "I called coach O'Cain yesterday to tell him about it, and he was real happy," said Gaddis. "They've been recruiting me as a quarterback all along, so that's where I'll be given a chance to play first."

C.J. also indicated that he'll make a trip down to Clemson this year for a game, and he also might take one more officialy visit elsewhere, "just to have fun."

In terms of his goals for next season, there are several areas of his game that he'd like to improve, but mostly he just wants to become a more polished quarterback. Reading defenses and leading his team to a state championship are of prime importance.

"The only thing I need to work on really is polishing my game. I didn't play quarterback until my 10th grade year, so I was kind of raw at first, I just want to become more polished in all phases of the game, and become more a leader," said Gaddis.

He also has similar goals of a former Clemson quarterback, "I know its a big goal, but I'd like to pass for 2,000 and rush for 1,000 next season too. I think I could do it."

You know he's coming to the right school when you hear a comment like that.

We'll continue to follow the progress of C.J. Gaddis throughout the upcoming season, here on Top Stories