Alabama DE Visits Tigertown

Last week one of the top defensive end prospects from Alabama traveled to Clemson for an unofficial visit. has all the details on his visit and his other stops along the way in another recruiting update.

Drew Traylor, a 6-5, 220 pound defensive end prospect out of Alabama made an unofficial visit to Clemson last week.

Afterwards, Traylor spoke with about his trip:

"I went to Clemson with my mom, dad and two brothers. When we first got there coach Swinney met us. He talked to us about the history at Clemson. He talked about what they are moving towards," Traylor said.

Defensive line coach Chris Rumph made a good impression with the prize recruit during the visit. "I met all of the coaches," he said. "I got to talk with Coach Rumph. He is really a nice guy. I liked him a lot.

"I also saw the weight room. Then we went and had lunch with coach Swinney. He brought his wife and his kids with him. We had lunch at the Chili's on campus."

What did Traylor enjoy the most about his visit to Tigertown? "I enjoyed how they made us feel when we were up there," he responded. "We stayed from 10:30 to around 6:30. They talked to us the whole time. They really made us feel close and welcome. Coach Swinney really loves what he does."

The talented defensive end was also able to visit with former Mountain Brook standout Tribble Reese.

"Yeah I have some connections with a few players," he said. "Tyler Grisham played in my region. Tribble went to my high school. We talked about how they like it up there. Tribble has been in town the past few weeks. We talked some before the visit as well. He loves it up there."

The Mountain Brook standout also visited two other schools during the past week. "First I went to Georgia Tech. Then I went to Clemson and then South Carolina."

Traylor said of his other two stops:

Georgia Tech: "I was surprised by the visit. I was expecting it to be cramped since it is in the middle of Atlanta. It was a really quiet campus. You wouldn't know you were in a big city. Everything is new and up to date."

South Carolina: "They are moving in the right direction. I got to hand out with coach Cooper. I got to meet with most of the coaches. I saw the weight room. They talked about the new coaches office they are talking about building."

Which visit did Traylor enjoy the most? "That is hard to say. I really don't know. They were all nice," responded Traylor.

When asked if he has any current favorites, Traylor responded, "I am still open. I don't know enough about all the schools yet. I am going to narrow it down pretty soon though. I am not real sure when. I am going to try to see all of the schools that have offered me over the summer.

"I am not sure when I will make a decision. I just want to find what is right for me." Top Stories