2003 Profile: WR Matt Caudell

One of the most explosive players in the state of Alabama this year is wide receiver Matt Caddell. Caddell posted an impressive 4.44 forty time on Alabama's new pro turf at the Nike Camp in Tuscaloosa. He also has Clemson listed as one of his top schools.

The new indoor surface is generally considered slow to test on, but excellent as a practice surface because of the lessened amount of wear and tear on the body as opposed to standard astro-turf.

Maybe even more impressive was Caddell's 3.98 shuttle time. That time was the best in the camp, and it displays the kind of quickness and change of direction that is a hallmark in Caddell's elusiveness on the football field.

Caddell has been to 2 camps thus far, and he sounds like he is done for the summer. "I went to Georgia Tech's camp," said Caddell. "I went to Alabama's camp this week. I felt like I had a better camp at Alabama, because the competition was a little better at the receiver position." With 3 of the top receivers in the nation residing in Alabama this year in Chad Jackson, Jayson Swain, and Caddell, that statement doesn't come as too much of a surprise.

"I'm not ready to list a top 5 just yet. I'll wait until I start playing this year before I start narrowing my teams down. I have offers so far from Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Georgia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Kentucky, Penn State, Vanderbilt. About the only team that I'm looking at that I don't have an offer from is Florida." Top Stories