Spiller Arrives at Clemson Ready to Compete

CLEMSON – Incoming freshman C.J. Spiller has only been on the Clemson campus a few days and already he's in demand by the media. Of course, that's to be expected when one of the nation's top high school running backs has his first workouts with his new collegiate team.

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But to Spiller, he say's he's no different than any of the other newcomers doing summer workouts.

"I'm just another freshman," he said. "All the recruiting and all the hype I had in high school, that's gone out the window. I've done put that behind me. I'm just coming out here and just being another freshman and working my way into the system and getting along with the guys and trying to gain respect from my teammates."

However, just because Spiller comes to Clemson with a lot of hype doesn't necessarily mean he's going to start or get a lot of playing time. The odds are that he'll at least do the latter, but there are still no guarantees.

And to his credit, Spiller, who looks fast even when he's standing still, is fully aware of that.

"It doesn't matter if I touch the field or not," said Spiller, who has the look and build of a thoroughbred. "On or off the field, I can help James (Davis) and all of the other running backs if I see them doing something good in a game by keeping (their minds) in the game and keeping them going. If I have to be a coach on the sidelines, I'll do whatever my role is for the team.

"It's all up to the coaches. Whatever they decide, that's what's going to happen. I'm just coming in here and working hard and working my way into the system."

Even if the unexpected happens and Spiller plays very little, he won't regret his decision to leave his home state of Florida and come to Clemson.

"It's the best fit," he said. "I wouldn't be here if I didn't feel comfortable. I would trade it nothing for the world."

One of the obstacles Spiller may face early is getting used to being away from home. And not only that, but being a long way from home. It's not like he's just a two-hour drive from being with his mom.

Spiller said he doesn't anticipate leaving campus like Davis did last year.

"That's all about being a freshman and being far away from home," Spiller said. "If I get homesick, I'm just going to fight my way through it. If I get homesick, I can just go to James and just ask him questions and just fight my way through all the homesickness."

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