Kelly Close to 100% After Spring Injury

CLEMSON – recently caught up with sophomore receiver Aaron Kelly to see how an integral part of the offense is recovering from his torn posterior cruciate ligament that he sustained on March 31, during spring practice.

What percentage are you back?
Kelly: "I'd say about 85 or 90 percent. It's pretty close. I can do any of the workouts and stuff like that, but I just don't feel like I'm at that top level yet."

When do you think you'll be 100 percent healthy?
Kelly: "I'd say a few more weeks. I'll definitely be ready for camp. … I workout every day, Monday through Friday. I'm trying to strengthen my quad a lot. I do a lot of quad exercises to try and strengthen that because it replaces the ligament."

Where do you feel the most hindered right now?
Kelly: "I think just at top speed. As far as the burst and the cutting and all that stuff, it's good. It's just the top speed is what I'm kind of missing right now. But as far as running the routes and cutting and getting off the line, I'm fine. With jump balls I'm fine."

Are there any problems with your leg and does it feel a little unstable sometimes?
Kelly: "I pretty much have full range of motion, it's just top speed. Sometimes it gets a little sore, but it's pretty good. I just have to strengthen it more."

What went into your decision to go home instead of staying here to participate in the first summer session?
Kelly: "I just felt I had to go to home to my family and stuff like that. The parents, they're not getting any younger and eventually I'm going to have to move out of the house and stay out for good. I like to go home and see my family."

What's your weight looking like right now?
Kelly: Right now, it's at 185. I had gotten up a lot a little bit, but I'm trying to build it back up. (They want me) at 190, 195 or something like that. I was up there at home. I've just lost some weight running around here, but I think once I get back into a schedule and routine, I'll gain it all back."

Note: Kelly said when he's on a regular routine, he eats six full meals each day to try and gain weight.

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