Taylor Focused on Getting Faster

CLEMSON – CUTigers.com recently caught up with sophomore receiver Rendrick Taylor to discuss his summer and his new role at "J-back". Many believe Taylor could be the one player that is the difference maker and puts Clemson atop the Atlantic Division this season.

How's the summer been going since we talked to you last during spring practice?
Taylor: Summer's been going really good. We're just out there having fun and doing a lot of extra working out on moves before the season starts. We plan to have a big year from the entire Tiger team.

Tommy Bowden said it may be difficult for you to maintain your weight around or below 230. Where are you right now?
Taylor: Right now, I'm at 227. Every now and then, my weight will get up to 234 or 235, in that area. It's not hard for me to lose weight. It's up and down right now, but I'm being able to manage it real good.

What's the main thing you've been working on during the summer?
Taylor: The main things I've been working on during the summer is hand-eye coordination and speed. We ran the 40 and I came in at a 4.45, and that's real good for me. I surprised a lot of my teammates and everyone is very proud of me.

Did you surprise yourself and what did you do to increase your speed?
Taylor: Yes, I did. We did a lot of drills in and out of the weight room and doing just a lot of extra work on my own. (Receiver) Chansi Stuckey is a team leader and he's been working with me a lot and I think it's making me better.

How's it been working with new quarterback Will Proctor?
Taylor: Proctor, he's a great quarterback. A lot of guys are saying that quarterback is our weak spot, but I think that's a strength for us, because everyday I see him working hard and doing things a lot of us aren't doing. I think he's going to be a real big surprise to a lot of people.

Note: At this point, Stuckey leans in to tell Taylor he did a good job by mentioning his name and say's he's learning and getting better on how to respect his elders.

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