One-on-One with Marcus Gilchrist

HIGH POINT, N.C. - Marcus Gilchrist, the No. 9 cornerback prospect in America according to, went on the record with before today's press conference when he announced that he will be signing with Clemson University next February.

CB Marcus Gilchrist Profile

What will it feel like to get this decision behind you today?
Gilchrist: It is definitely going to be a big relief. I have been dealing with a lot of coaches and recruiters. I just took my time. I looked carefully at each school and picked the school that was best for me.

What separated Clemson from the other schools?
Gilchrist: Like I said before it was just being more comfortable. All of the other schools had the same things Clemson had. I just felt more comfortable at Clemson. I was more comfortable with the coaches and especially the academics.

What is your relationship like with coach Napier?
Gilchrist: We talk almost every other day. The good thing about coach Napier is we just don't talk about football. We talk about life in general. We talk about school. I can relate to him because he is so young.

Why did you go ahead and commit at this time?
Gilchrist: I just wanted to make this decision early because I wanted to focus more towards my team. I didn't want to have all of these distractions going on during the season.

What are your plans for your first year at Clemson?
Gilchrist: To compete. I know I am not going to come in and have everything given to me. I am going to work hard. I am going to work hard in the classroom. When it is time to play I am just going to be ready to get on the field.

Talk about your relationship with your head coach?
Gilchrist: Coach Anderson has helped me a whole lot. He has been doing this for a long time. He has been telling me the do's and don'ts about the recruiting process. If he wasn't here I am sure I would have said a whole lot of things I shouldn't have said. He has been a big help. He is a great coach. He has been here my whole four years.

What role did your family play in your decision?
Gilchrist: My decision was all on me. I brought them along on trips. I brought them into the decision because they see things that maybe I don't see. They pointed out some things that I didn't see. That was very helpful. Top Stories