Linthicum Still Undecided? caught up with Brian Linthicum on the eve of his big announcement. Cal or Clemson? East coast or west? ACC or Pac 10? Linthicum talks about some of the deciding factors in the recruiting process in this report.

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On the eve of announcing where he'll spend the next four years of his life, Brian Linthicum says he's still somewhat undecided.

Speaking with Wednesday evening, Linthicum admitted he probably wouldn't have a decision until sometime Thursday morning.

"I am hoping I will have my decision made by some time in the morning," he said. "I am still trying to figure it out. I haven't made up my mind yet."

Linthicum, who has narrowed his top two schools down to Clemson and California will announce his choice during a 3:00 press conference.

"I am having a small press conference with just a few people," he said. "It will be 3:00 at the school. Right now I'm still 50/50 so I'll announce it during the press conference tomorrow."

What does he like about both schools?

Clemson: "It is very appealing. Clemson uses the two tight end set most of the time. That will give me the opportunity to play a lot as a freshman if I commit there. Coach Napier is a great guy. He works very hard and I know he will produce tight ends that will be successful."

California: "It's a really good education. Distance is not a factor at all but I do want to go to a school with a nice mixture of a good football team and strong academics. Coach Tedford- he's a real good, personable kind of guy."

Linthicum also plans to graduate from high school early so he can enroll in college in January. In a recent interview, he said that's one of the main reasons he's ready to put the recruiting process behind him.

"Since I am a December graduate I need to apply within the next few weeks so I can get admitted and get my schedule set," he said. "I also wanted to get it out of the way before my season starts. I didn't want any distractions." Top Stories