Bowden Previews Start of Practice

CLEMSON - Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talks about the start of fall practice. "The old days where this is the first day and you are anxious for guys to start coming back in town to see what their bodies look like, those days are pretty much over," Bowden said.


Opening Remarks
Bowden: The old days where this is the first day and you are anxious for guys to start coming back in town to see what their bodies look like, those days are pretty much over. The freshmen have been here the last six weeks. Tomorrow's not the first day it's the 50th day. So it's a different mentality I've seen the freshmen. It's a really changed environment to what college football used to be like. They've been here all summer. We are ready to go. The feel is a little bit different.

Is there anybody that won't be back this year?
Bowden: The only two freshmen that we have released are Jo Jo Cox and DeAndre McDaniel. We have finals for summer school next Wednesday. There could be some things that could happen. It would be a surprise if their were and there can also be discipline issues. I've been evaluating some discipline issues over the course of the summer that I'll address in the next day or so.

What about Kendrick Johnson?
Bowden: His is still a clearinghouse issue.

How do you size up the back up quarterback position? Did Tribble Reese make up some ground on Cullen Harper?
Bowden: Cullen I thought may have separated himself a little. That's going to be a key issue. What you don't want to do is have to split the reps. So you'd like for one of those guys to separate and require all the work. Then you'd start feeling more comfortable about it. They've got some work to do. It's one of the three critical obversations the next few weeks we'll have to watch closely.

Is Cullen the No. 2 guy?
Bowden: We've been so much on installation and practice schedule that I haven't sat down with Rob (Spence). But I think they are going just about neck and neck but I think Cullen might be a little bit ahead. The biggest thing they are going to have to do in scrimmage situations is take the team downfield and score. When you split reps in the spring, that's when you can determine those factors. We'll have four scrimmages during the fall and we'll figure out where those guys are. Can you make the checks, run the team, show leadership skills and things of that nature. Of course, you'd love to have game experience but that's not going to happen.

What freshmen do you see playing for you this year?
Bowden: I've got about six or seven pegged that are probably going to see playing time but I'd rather not comment on them. In my mind, I've pictured about six or seven guys that might see playing time in the first game.

How is the punting situation?
Bowden: I think we'll find out quick because Cole Chason has injured his foot and is going to miss maybe the first week of practice so therefore Richard Jackson is the first team punter. Which is good. We need to find out. That's kind of a blessing in disguise for the simple fact he'll get every rep with the first team. This forces us to give him every rep with the first team. Then Maners, the walk-on will get all the second team reps. So when Cole comes back we'll have a pretty good idea by the first game whether Richard is going to be a factor. Cole is going to be out for a while so you feel sorry for him but it gives us an opportunity to force feed Richard and give him quality reps with the first team. Top Stories