CUTigersTV: Bowden Meets with the Media

CLEMSON - Watch Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk with reporters after practice. "Everybody looks good. One thing is we did some punt protection and Richard Jackson punted well," he said.

CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

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Happy to get the first day in finally?
Bowden: Yeah just glad to get the first day in. We were out there three hours and 15 minutes. It wasn't real hot and it was kind of shady and we had a good breeze at times. Sun came out in the end and it got a little hotter.

Any comments on how the freshmen looked today?
Bowden: Well you know it's just shorts. Everybody looks good. One thing is we did some punt protection and Richard Jackson punted well. First time with the punt team going out there and getting it off in good time on the clock. I thought he did a good job.

Jackson is getting this shot because of Cole's injury correct?
Bowden: No. He was getting it regardless. I've been saying that since we signed him. He's going to get the very first day with the first team. He's just getting all the reps instead of half. I'm letting Maners go every snap with the twos and Richard every snap with the ones.

Any comments on C.J. Spiller and how he's looked thusfar?
Bowden: Well he's quick. Right now they all look quick because they are in shorts but he looks quick.

Is this the most athletic freshman class you've brought in.
Bowden: There's not a lot of size. But some of the skill guys we've brought in on both sides of the ball. Probably. The numbers weren't as great but if you throw Jacoby Ford and Ogren in there you could probably say that.

What do you look for in your first day of practice?
Bowden: Well you'd like to see them understand the tempo. You'd like to practice as close to game tempo as you can. You'd like to not hear a coach say, 'hey we just went over that.' Those are the things we are looking for from an upperclassmen standpoint. Then, freshmen right now just have to absorb and then when they do get in, how do they fit in.

How is your leadership looking on this team?
Bowden: Anthony Waters, Duane Coleman, Chansi Stuckey and Reggie Merriweather were some of the seniors who stood out from a leadership standpoint to me. The defense did up-downs for about 10 minutes prior to doing the conditioning runs at the end of practice. To get to a championship level they've got to bump it up a notch." Top Stories