CUTigersTV: Bowden Talks Spiller, QBs

CLEMSON - Watch and listen to Clemson coach Tommy Bowden talk about the Tigers' third practice of the 2006 season. "Spiller and Ford and Grisham and Kelly are our top four," he said when asked about kickoff returns.

CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

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Opening comments
Bowden: We had one really good collision today. Duane Coleman in skeleton had a really really good collision. It's amazing the enthusiasm something like that creates. It's really above average. I was telling the team, enthusiasm comes from making plays. But defense it comes from collisions. Because you don't have the ball.

Who did he hit?
Bowden: Aaron Kelly.

Did you get to church this morning?
Bowden: Oh yes.

How many times did you get asked how C.J. (Spiller) is looking?
Bowden: You know, they are pretty good. I really didn't get asked that much.

How does Aaron Kelly look so far after the injury this spring?
Bowden: Good. He doesn't have any side effects from the spring.

Did you work on punt returns today?
Bowden: No kickoff returns. Spiller and Ford and Grisham and Kelly are our top four. I think those are the top four. Punt return would be Ford, Spiller, Kelly Grisham, Stuckey. It's more scheme. Today was our first day of kickoff return. We just divide them up and do blocking schemes.

How much has C.J. been able to pick up quickly?
Bowden: He's getting a lot of work. He's doing pretty good. It's just the second day. The first five days is installation where we put the whole offense in. The bigger story with him will be in the next week or so when we start going over stuff we have before and see how much retention he has.

How do Cullen Harper and Tribble Reese fit in your offense and what makes them different or similar?
Bowden: You know Cullen is just a little bit ahead physically. He's gotten just a little more work. He's not real far ahead but a little bit farther ahead from an execution standpoint. Physically, Cullen is just a little bit bigger. A little bit stronger than what Tribble would be if you are talking about physical attributes.

Do you have to be a little bit more ready to play those guys considering Proctor is more of a mobile quarterback and could take some extra hits this year?
Bowden: It's a concern. But second team is a concern whether he's mobile or not. One thing mobility does is it allows you to avoid some hits. His mobility kind of works out so that he may take more shots down the field in the secondary but again his quickness will allow him to defect but the sense of urgency si the same regardless of his skills. Top Stories