CUTigersTV: Tigers Practice in Full Pads

CLEMSON - Watch and listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk about the Tigers' first day in full pads. "Our first situational scrimmage will probably be Thursday morning. We played today like we were in shells but I put full pads on them. There was no live tackling. We'll do that tomorrow some," he said.

CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

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Opening comments on who looked good Tuesday:
Bowden: Dorrell Scott ... you know we do the inside drill which is 100% run but he made about every play today. You'd like for a guy like him or a couple of those guys to step up and be that productive everyday. Then you know you defensive line is making progress to a point and be a factor. (Jimmy) Maners continues to punt good. If we had to punt today he'd punt. The other two guys are hurt and he's done good. His get off time has improved tremendously. The snappers didn't do good today. Colin Leonard, Nic Riddle and Eddie Adams. Two little corners, Maxwell and Butler have done a good job. Josh Miller made some plays today. Had a nice interception and did well in the team situation. Rendrick Taylor made a great catch on a deep post ... laying out parallel about 45-50 yards downfield. To see a guy that big running a post cut laying out parallel to the ground takes a lot of hand high coordination. It was handed too. So take that. We will not practice tomorrow because of finals. We will not meet tonight because of finals.

Did you see the types of collisions you'd like to see out of a first day in full pads?
Bowden: It was the fourth day of installation. That's a shells day. So I stayed along with the installation plan. We'll do a little more situational scrimmaging. Our first situational scrimmage will probably be Thursday morning. We played today like we were in shells but I put full pads on them. There was no live tackling. We'll do that tomorrow some. We had some fights today which is a sign they are getting tired. That's the other reason we are going to take tomorrow off.

Speaking of deep routes, do you think you'll take more shots downfield this season?
Bowden: We are going to try to. Most of routes this year and last year have a one deep possibility built in. It's the quarterback's comfort level on taking it. We'll try to do more of that. We really aren't changing the system or anything, it's just taking advantage of those opportunities.

How would you compare Will's deep ball to Charlie's?
Bowden: Very similar. Deep balls, as I've explained, are about 43-46 yard throws. Take five steps and let the ball go. Let the receiver sprint unmolested in a straight line. The ball will be caught somewhere between 43-46 yards pending on if he's a 4.3, 4.4 or 4.6.

Has Rendrick Taylor picked up from where he was in the spring?
Bowden: Yes. He was really good today. But you can see the guys that I've had a day off for academics or injury. He's had two days off. He's get half credit for catching it.

How many practices do you have to go through before you know a true freshman is going to play for you?
Bowden: Some of them we have a pretty good feel for. Some of them there is some doubt and decision. When we start doing our depth chart for special teams, that's when that becomes a factor. And when we start getting a little heavier into who's going to travel ... I'd say about 10 days out from the first game.

A year and a half into the offense, is more of Rob Spence's playbook being thrown at the guys this year?
Bowden: We threw a lot of it (last year). Well we didn't hold too much back. The biggest thing will be execution of it. We've got certain things that happen on this side with two receivers over here. In this coverage you need to work this side. In this coverage you need to work that side. Those are the decisions you can make a lot faster that allows you to be more productive. It's that understanding that allows us to throw more deep balls. It's not so much that we are putting in more. We'll put in a little more, but it's basically the same but it's their ability to make quicker decisions, better decisions based on experience. Top Stories