Green Back at Tight End

CLEMSON – It's been a tough year for Zach Green physically, but all indications are he's on the road to recovery as he looks to play a role in Clemson's success this season.

For the first time in a while, there's a smile on Green's face when he walks off the practice field.

Sweat and loose grass pasted on his face aside, there's still a sense of relief written on it.

Gone is the bleeding stomach, which caused him to lose so much weight last year, and his torn ACL from the winter is close to being 100 percent.

And if that weren't enough, Green is making the move back to his favorite position of tight end after having played as an offensive tackle last year.

As it stands now, Green should see spot duty and with his weight up to 260 pounds, he'll be used as a blocker and receiver.

"I'm just excited to get to play again this season back at tight end," he said. "Getting moved back to tight end definitely gave me some motivation to keep going and stick with what I had to do."

However, it was a serious situation, which caused a lot of concern for a lot of people.

"I came the first couple of practices and I was having some major stomach pain and it wound up being some internal bleeding," Green said. "I just basically had to not do anything physical for about two months."

Now that the entire recovery process is finally coming to a close, all he needs to do is get back into football shape, which can take some time to do.

"It's a little slow," Green said. "It's been a while since I've been out here in pads. But I feel good to be out here again and to be in pads and getting reps."

Health wise, his knee is still on the mend. It's getting more stable, but it's still not quite fully healed.

"The knee swells up a little bit, but I expected that," Green said. "It gets stronger every day. It swells up a lot. But it feels all right and I'm playing good, and I'm just happy to be back out here." Top Stories