CUTigersTV: Bowden Talks Two-a-Days

CLEMSON - Watch and listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk about the Tigers' situation at punt and kick returner, Rendrick Taylor, Crezdon Butler and much more in another edition of CUTigersTV.

CUTigersTV: Tommy Bowden

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Opening Remarks
Bowden: Crezdon Butler had a good collision today. Sergio Gilliam was hurt (previously). He came back and had a good day today. Will Proctor threw the ball good all day today. Chansi Stuckey is catching the ball good and being a good leader on offense. Cortney Vincent has had a pretty good day or two at linebacker. Spiller and Ford are returning punts and kickoffs for us and doing a good job of handling the ball and making decisions. Ricky Sapp, he's starting to retain some of the new stuff we are putting in. He plays really fast. Fatigue was kind of obvious today. We practiced over five hours and you could see that settle in towards the end of practice. Quentez Ruffin is going to transfer.

Have there been any depth chart changes on offense or defense?
Bowden: You know right now we are rolling a bunch of guys in. I'd after this scrimmage Saturday would be the best time. I would imagine most of the depth chart changes would come in Monday.

You've mentioned Crezdon Butler a couple of times in the first week. Is he one of those five or six freshmen that could play for you?
Bowden: I think it's a little early but he's jumping off the radar and doing some things to catch your eye.

Was there any explanation for Ruffin's weight loss?
Bowden: We've done everything medically that we could do. You'd have to check with him. But we really researched it.

Any new injuries to report?
Bowden: Other than Donnell Clark. Brandon Pilgrim. He should be back Monday (leg injury).

C.J. Spiller and Jacoby Ford, do you see flashes of explosiveness from them so far?
Bowden: Not all fast guys are good returners. Those guys are. I thought they were the two fastest guys two of the last three years but they are actually the two fastest guys back-to-back. They are back-to-back the two fastest guys in the state. That doesn't guarantee them the return job, but Jacoby has done it high school and prep school productively. And C.J.'s been pretty productive. I'm very excited about the potential. You could see us put two guys back there at punt return.

How has Rendrick Taylor looked the last couple of days?
Bowden: Good. He's been hurt a couple of days and has fresh legs. He's done really good. Practiced good today and yesterday.

Is he to the point where he might be ahead of Kelly?
Bowden: Oh yeah. You have to ask Dabo. But he might be ahead of him now.

You mentioned Sergio earlier. Is he going to be back in the mix pretty quickly?
Bowden: He needs to be because his time is running out. So if he doesn't show us here the next couple of weeks we'll go with one of these young guys. He had a very good today and he's been hurt. Guy has been three years he needs to go ahead and make a move and jump up there and you're a starting type guy or we'll play one of these young freshmen. That's a decision Vic needs to make in the next eight to 10 days or so.

How many tight ends would you like to have on scholarship?
Bowden: Six. Six or seven and no fullbacks. We could take a fullback, or H-Back type of guy. Rendrick type of guy. Top Stories