The Wait is Over for Johnson

The long wait for standout receiver Kendrick Johnson is finally over. Earlier this week, Johnson learned he had finally been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

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"It is good news," Johnson told "Everything is good to go. I will be leaving for Clemson on Sunday.

"I heard about it yesterday. My mom called me around noon. She has just gotten a call from Stephanie (compliance) at Clemson. She was screaming so I knew it was good news."

Clemson wide receivers coach Dabo Swinney was also thrilled that Johnson would soon join the Tigers.

"Coach Swinney called yesterday," Johnson said. "Then coach Blackwell called as well. They were both glad it was finally over.

"It was a very long wait. You wouldn't even know. It felt like a million pounds were lifted off my shoulders. Everyone kept telling me it would happen but I didn't know when. I just kept wondering. I know it is over now and I know I am going to the school that I wanted to go."

Most importantly, Johnson is glad the process is over before the start of classes.

"That was my main goal. I wanted to get it done before classes started. They start on Aug. 23," he said.

Johnson also said he knows he will be somewhat behind the other freshmen, but he hopes to catch up quickly.

"I missed the first week of practice so that may hurt. Hopefully when I get there I can pickup things as quickly as possible. If not I will redshirt. I am just glad to be in at Clemson. "We are going out for dinner tonight or tomorrow to celebrate."

Johnson caught 30 passes for 450 yards and seven touchdowns as a senior. He signed with the Tigers in February over offers from Georgia, Oklahoma State, Colorado and Michigan State. Top Stories