Proctor Happy to be in Spotlight

CLEMSON – During Sunday's fan appreciation day at Clemson, quarterback Will Proctor finally got a taste of what life as the most popular guy on campus is like. And unlike some, he doesn't view it as a burden.

"I have a blast with all this stuff," he said. "I'm going to try and sign as many autographs as I can and as many as anybody wants. I think I can handle it one year."

As the one person all the girls, young and old, want to see, it can be somewhat intimidating, regardless of how well you are prepared to handle it. It seems like every male's dream, but it can get a little crazy.

"There are some tee shirts for sale that are kind of weird," Proctor said. "They say, ‘I heart W.P.' That's a little odd."

Life as the starting quarterback for a team that's predicted to challenge for a BCS game is far different than his previous four years at Clemson, when he just sat the bench.

That was never more evident than during his previous fan appreciation days.

"Can you hand this to Charlie (Whitehurst) for me?" Proctor said was the question he heard most often. The first year, it was hand this to Charlie to hand to Willie (Simmons)."

CJ ready to play CB
There's little question C.J. Gaddis struggled at safety last season, however, there also seems little doubt he's going to excel in his return to cornerback this season.

"I'm more comfortable because I have more experience now," he said. "It's stuff I've done. Run support is something I like to do now. I wasn't accustomed to it and it may have seemed like I didn't like it at first. But I do like corner better."

Defensive coordinator Vic Koenning has tabbed Gaddis and Duane Coleman as two of the more physical corners in the country.

"We're not built like Tye Hill, so that's something we can bring to the table and use our bodies," Gaddis said. "But I'd like to think that we're athletes, too, and that we can play off of them."

Exhibition games
There are exhibition preseason games in the pros and in high school, yet for some reason there are no longer those type of contests for college. Way, way, way back in the day, there were games, but not any longer.

That's something Tigers head coach Tommy Bowden and several other coaches would love see change.

"Us and Auburn could play in Atlanta and play in the Georgia Dome," Bowden said. "You could work on the time management and substitutions. You could charge and the money could go to charity or some kind of scholarship fund.

"I think it would be a good idea for us and Tennessee to meet in Charlotte, or something like that. I'd be in favor of it. … I think it'd be a win-win if we did." Top Stories