4-Star DE May Visit Clemson Officially

Last season was a bitter sweet one for possibly Tennessee's top prospect. His team won their second straight State Championship, but Rae Sykes had to watch it from the sidelines.

"I broke my hemorrhage bone in the tenth week. I was crushed, man. We were shooting for our second straight championship, and then all of the sudden, I was out for the season. I had never been hurt before. It was a life lesson for me. I never want to experience that again," added Rae Sykes.

Now Sykes has his sights set on August 25th.

"We open up against Merryville, and I can not wait. I am just ready to be back in a game. My only focus right now is on that first game. Hopefully I can get my stats up and have the best year I have had so far."

In limited action last season, Rae had 75 tackles and 8 sacks.

Sykes can pretty much hand pick where he wants to go to college.

"I have received written offers from Tennessee, Florida State, LSU, Clemson, Ole Miss, Alabama, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Michigan, Louisville. There are so many I can not think of them all."

Three official visits look to be on the horizon.

"I know three that I will probably take. They are Tennessee, FSU, and LSU. But other than those three, I have not made up my mind."

Who are some candidates for the last two visits?

"Clemson is on me pretty good. I have been getting a lot of text messages from Ole Miss too. I do not know."

Who does Rae text message on his own?

"Coach Serrils (LSU), Rump (Clemson), Freeze (Ole Miss), and Brocks (Tennessee). Those are the coaches that I have built a pretty good relationship with."

Who is coming after Sykes the hardest?

"I believe LSU texts me at least 5 days out of the week, but Tennessee is not too far behind them."

When it comes decision time; what will be the factors?

"I am looking for their academics fist. I want to get a scholarship and get a good education. I am just looking for a great program and coaching staff. It has to have that feel like it is home for me."

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