CUTigersTV: Johnson Believes He'll Play

CLEMSON - Watch and listen to Clemson wide receiver Kendrick Johnson after practice. "Me having to sit out a week was kind of frustrating because I really don't want to redshirt. I think I'm talented enough to come in and play as a true freshman," he said.

CUTigersTV: Kendrick Johnson

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Clemson signee wide receiver Kendrick Johnson reported to practice Monday after being cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse.

The following is a question and answer session Johnson had with the media after his first practice at Clemson:

How did your first day of practice go for you today?
Johnson: It was good. I had a good day of camp. I was basically just sitting on the side, watching the veterans do what they do. I was sitting with Coach Swinney and he was giving me a feel of what it would be like. Basically I just learned today and probably for the rest of this week I'll be watching the rest of the guys. I don't think I'm going to have to redshirt as fast as I pick up on the plays and the playbook and the signals the faster I'll be able to get in. I did a couple of one on one's today. I did pretty good. I don't think I did my best but for the first day I think I did pretty good.

How does it feel to finally get your first practice in college under your belt?
Johnson: It feels like a million pounds lifted off my shoulders. We got up here last night. Basically it just feels good to finally be here with the team. Everybody greeted me with open arms. They are just happy for me to be here.

This started back in January for you, right?
Johnson: Yeah. I was supposed to enroll early in January. But unfortunately because of the Clearinghouse and the NCAA I wasn't able to. I actually had to take an extra class so I take that. Once I got cleared, it took this long way. Now I'm here and I'm ready to go.

What's it been like for you so far?
Johnson: Yesterday was my first day here. This morning I did a lot of running around campus getting my paperwork done and getting my physical. I've had a few talks with the rest of the team. Me and Coach Bowden also talked. We discussed a couple of things. Basically he was just telling me to work hard and catch everything that's thrown my way. Just do my best basically and try to learn everything as quick as possible and I should be good to go.

How hard has it been for you this last week hearing about the incoming freshmen class and knowing you couldn't be a part of that just yet?
Johnson: Hard. Running in everyday and checking out how C.J. Spiller was doing and how the incoming freshmen were doing. It was hard for me because I knew if I could come in at the same time I'd have that same edge. Me having to sit out a week was kind of frustrating because I really don't want to redshirt. I think I'm talented enough to come in and play as a true freshman. I really didn't know what I was looking forward to coming in. I just knew I'd have to work harder than anybody else. Top Stories