CUTigersTV: Bowden Talks Punt Formation

CLEMSON - It's been a topic many Clemson fans have talked about since last year: the punt team. Monday evening after practice, Tommy Bowden talked briefly about some of the changes in store on special teams this season.

CUTigersTV: Bowden Talks Special Teams

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Does Richard Jackson's injury really set him back in your eyes?
Bowden: It sets him back from a punting standpoint. Not a kickoff standpoint. The fundamentals are so much different as far as execution with the get-off time.

Was Paul Muse back today?
Bowden: Probably give him a couple of days. I talked with him today. He's just got some issues he's trying to get cleared up.

Anything else you can take away from Saturday's scrimmage after watching film?
Bowden: Offensively, after you look at it you just got to remind yourself there was so much installation going in. As you watch the tape, you are really really close to making some big plays. Of course, you'd like to be at that stage (now) but the potential is there. We are just a hair off here or there. Just a missed block by this much. We were close to making some plays over there. That's the biggest thing from looking at it.

Were there any depth chart changes since Saturday's scrimmage?
Bowden: No we are going to meet personnel (tomorrow) at eight. We didn't have time today to meet on personnel because of two-a-days. Sunday was Fan day and we met then and watched tape with players.

When do players really start to separate from each other during fall practice?
Bowden: You usually need a good scrimmage. Most coaches look at the first scrimmage and start establishing a pecking order.

So you've officially changed the punt formation from last year correct?
Bowden: I'm not going to tell you because if I tell you you'll put in the paper and Florida Atlantic will know what it is and prepare for it. Right now they have not seen anything of our punt protection. It's the same as what it was in the spring. I'm not going to be any more specific than that. Coach Schnellenberger, as many games as he's won if we came out and we had been in the same punt protection (as last year) he might have shot me himself and said 'you need to get out of the coaching profession son.' (laughing)

Do you think the new punt protection will help Cole Chason?
Bowden: No. Not really. 34 yard average is a 34 yard average. I don't know if it will help him. Taking out the blocked punts don't help. That's rushing yardage. That would be up to him. Protection won't have anything to do with it. I mean this design, obviously if it gets blocked that has something to do with it but it doesn't hurt his average.

Has Cole Chason punted better from what you've seen early on?
Bowden: He did better Saturday. We did punting this morning. Didn't do it today (afternoon). Maners, in practice has punted better. He didn't over there (pointing to the stadium.) He wasn't that far off. Top Stories