Notebook: Two-a-Days Take Their Toll

CLEMSON - While two-a-day practices aren't what they used to be at the collegiate level, the wear and tear on a player can certainly take its toll.

TWO A DAYS CAN BE A GRIND: While two-a-day practices aren't what they used to be at the collegiate level, the wear and tear on a player can take its toll.

Just ask redshirt sophomore Rashaad Jackson, the Tigers' starting defensive tackle entering fall camp.

"Two a days, I won't say they are bad, but they aren't good," he said. "It's an early wake up and you've got to get your mindset ready to go for an early practice. And that's not always easy."

Compounding matters is that most players on the team are continually facing the same players in practice.

That too can be a grind.

"When you get out here you know you are going to get frustrated a little bit going against the same guy. But you have to accept that. You have to accept that things aren't always going to go your way. At the same time, you have to get better while all that's going on."

While Jackson mixes it up in the trenches, the skill position players also feel the added stress of two-a-days.

"The coaches have been saying that this is the week things start getting testy," notes Chansi Stuckey. "It can start to be a grind. Last week was pretty tough, but this week you've got more than one two-a-day practice. Then you've got a scrimmage at the end of the week and next week school starts. So it's a lot going on in a short period of time."

BACK UP QB UPDATE: Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden offered encouraging words for both his reserve quarterbacks after Wednesday's practice.

"Tribble Reese and Cullen Harper have both made good progress," he said. "I've been real pleased with their work ethic and they are really competing with each other. Been real pleased with both them.

When asked if Harper was still ahead of Reese, Bowden responded, "He might be. Maybe just a little bit based on spring."

Both quarterbacks performed well in Saturday's scrimmage.

Harper completed 13-of-21 passes for 168 yards for a touchdown, while Reese completed 6-of-7 passes for 58 yards.

BACK UP TACKLES? With Marion Dukes locking things down at right tackle and Barry Richardson starting at left, there are several players battling for second team spots.

Among the names expected to see playing time this year are Chris Capote, Cory Lambert and Tim DeBeer.

On Wednesday, Bowden mentioned Capote as a standout performer during the first two weeks of practice.

"He did have off the field issues but he's addressed those for the last three quarters of a year. He's had a good spring and a good camp. So Chris Capote we feel real good about," he said.

"Obviously we want Cory Lambert to get a lot of work but he hasn't done it because he's been hurt. Tim DeBeer is a fifth year season that we know about. We need questions answered with Lambert." Top Stories