Bowden Talks Scrimmage, Billie

CLEMSON - Listen to Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden talk about Tramaine Billie's injury, Saturday's scrimmage and two walk-ons who have been awarded scholarships.


Any word on how Tramaine Billie's surgery went today?
Bowden: Good. The surgery was successful but it looks like it's going to be a six to eight weeks (wait).

What are you looking for in tomorrow's scrimmage?
Bowden: Effort. You'd like to see some of the guys on the first team separate from the second team. You'd like to see punting. Punt protection. And some more of these freshmen as you start to get an idea about redshirting. So you have some idea of where they are going to fit in early in the year and you can maybe guess four or five weeks into the season whether they are going to be better in the guy in front of him in four our five weeks. You try to project that. Hopefully we can do a better job of that after evaluating one more scrimmage.

Any particular unit that will be looking to see improvement from since last Saturday's scrimmage tomorrow?
Bowden: No not really. We aren't close to being ready to play in a game. We just want to see consistent effort. The whole team needs to really start getting together and gel and give a more consistent effort from 11 of the 11, not seven of the 11.

Will you encourage Billie to possibly redshirt?
Bowden: I'll talk to him and his mother tonight. That's one thing we'll address. That's one thing they will think about pretty heavily.

Did you see something more out of Antonio Clay today since he'll now step into that starting role instead of Billie?
Bowden: He practiced good. Missed assignments, that's going to be the biggest thing with him. Top Stories