CUTigersTV: Bowden Pleased with Depth

CLEMSON - Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media after Tuesday's practice to discuss the end of two-a-days and more. "You'd like to establish a pecking order on the defensive line," he said. "Not depth. Just find three that separate themselves from the other three."

CUTigersTV: Bowden Pleased with Depth

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Did you get the sense that the team really felt like this was their last two-a-day practice?
Bowden: Oh yeah. They started talking about that during flex when we came out at 4:30.

Does it cost you any more work to have Paul Muse transferring to Florida Atlantic? Does anything change on your end?
Bowden: Not really. Maybe it will confuse them more than anything. When I was at Alabama, Homer Smith ran our offense and it was pretty complicated so we said lets just sell Auburn our playbook and maybe they'll read it and get confused. That was a case where you want them to have it. It's more confusing.

Are you comfortable with your depth at this point in the preseason?
Bowden: Yeah. Pretty good. Tramaine Billie ... you hate to lose a player of that caliber but Antonio Clay has the potential. He hasn't performed like Tramaine has the last three weeks or so but he surely has potential. Not so much in speed. But what he doesn't bring in speed ... he's a bigger guy. You exchange something for something else. Speed to me is the No. 1 factor.

What was the rationale in moving Maurice Nelson over to compete with Antonio Clay and how does that affect what Nick Watkins and Josh Miller are doing?
Bowden: Rational would be the same as using Maners to punt with Cole. Competition. It's the best coaching tool you can have. Competition. And Jeremy Campbell is going to be an excellent player. He doesn't know enough. As soon as he learns what he's doing, he'll be able to compete.

Other than SAM linebacker, is there any place you are particularly concerned?
Bowden: You'd like to establish a pecking order on the defensive line. Not depth. Just find three that separate themselves from the other three. I know we are pretty strong there but I don't think we have six first teamers. I'm sure Vic would like for the corner picture to start being a little more clearer and the safety picture to be a little more clear. And a first team nickel guy. Those would be the things you'd like to start clearing up. They are a little cloudy right now but we've got some time to clear that up.

How impressed are you with Tyler Grisham?
Bowden: Good. Just like when he came in and played as a true freshman. One of the reasons he played as a true freshman is he was consistent. Very dependable. Tough guy. Good hands. That's what impresses you about him. He's been very consistent.

Do you think Gaddis is more comfortable at corner now?
Bowden: Yeah I think so. He's been there a good amount of time now. Kind of been locked in there. Back there at safety you have to look through the offensive line. At corner you don't. You can read more of the triangle of the back and the tight end and the quarterback. The more you can see that, over and over and over the more comfortable you are. Top Stories