Fry Gets Ready for Football

Dustin Fry and the rest of the incoming freshmen will be wearing Clemson orange in only a couple of days now. The Summerville native talks about the exciting days ahead in this report. "It seems like just yesterday I signed and now I only have four days until I start my new life," said Fry.

Dustin Fry will come to Clemson with high expectations this year, but he knows he'll have the opportunity to either get on the field early, or redshirt. It all depends on how quickly he can adjust to the collegiate level.

"I personally think I can come in and contribute early but like I said earlier, it's a whole new style of football that I am going to have to adapt to. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up by saying I can come in and start immediately," said the Summerville native.

Fry, who was an All-American by SuperPrep,, and Max Emfinger, is an oustanding pass blocker that put up over 80 knockdown blocks and graded out at better than 80 percent last season.

In preperation for his arrival at Clemson, Dustin has been working out all summer long, and of course he still has the world class strength that we heard so much about during the recruiting process. "I feel light on my feet but am worried if my conditioning over the summer will be enough."

"Today I did my 225 reps for max on bench, I did it 27 times which is decent," said Fry. "I also feel I have gotten just a little taller. I'm close to 6'4 with shoes on and I bounce between 305 and 310, which is less then what I was going into football season last year."

Fry has been anxiously awaiting his arrival on campus, and even so, he knows that there is a long, tough road ahead of him. "I know I am going to struggle and get knocked down and make mistakes but that comes with anyone's freshman year of D-1 college football," said the big offensive lineman.

"I will tell you that I am going to try as hard as I can to contribute early, even if that is going hard against a starter in practice to get him better, and I am just on the dummy-O team."

Make no mistake, the former All-American in high school is willing to do whatever it takes to make his team better in college, and in the end, that will only help him get closer to a championship.

But don't necessarily count on the big guy redshirting this year. He has all the tools to step in and do something positive as soon as he hits the field next Tuesday, and he knows it.

"I have no idea what is going to happen, but don't count me out." Top Stories