CUTigersTV: Tigers Prepare for Owls

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden said nearly all of Thursday's practice was spent on preparing for the 2006 season opener against Florida Atlantic.

CUTigersTV: Tigers Prepare for Owls

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Opening comments
Bowden: We decided to put Nelson Faerber, a walk-on wide receiver who's been here a couple of years on scholarship.

What did you do out there today?
Bowden: It was about a three hour practice. Long, hard practice in full pads. Went against some scout teams. Started on Florida Atlantic. The whole day was Florida Atlantic. There was a little bit of going against our defense for a fastball defense. The rest of it was Florida Atlantic.

What kind of defense do they run?
Bowden: Multiple. What y'all call a 3-4 odd or 50. Most teams now are multiple.

Are they a multiple offense as well?
Bowden: Not as multiple. Lot of two back. Coach Schnellenberger has always been a two back, tight end two wide out kind of traditional (coach). They'll flex the tight end out.

Is Schnellenberger somebody you've really studied in the past?
Bowden: Yeah because when I was at Florida State as a young G.A. he was at Miami winning a National Championship. He turned that program around. He was a two-back split back (coach) and my father was a two-back I-back. They always played and competed in big games. I studied him as a young coach.

Is there something unique about his style of coaching?
Bowden: That he won. They were really fundamentally sound. They ran the same thing over and over and over but they ran it so well they just out-executed. They had good players and it was well executed.

How hard is it to do what he's doing trying to build a program from scratch?
Bowden: I've never attempted it. I imagine it would be hard because you probably go there with very little equipment. Budget is probably restricted. Staff is restricted. Facilities are restricted.

Your kickoff coverage wasn't that great last year. How have you tried to correct that?
Bowden: Oh yeah we've tried to correct it. Usually it's just one or two guys avoids the wrong way and you create a crease. But oh yeah, we've worked hard. I'd be surprised if it's not corrected.

How much has Jacoby Ford exceeded your expectations on picking up the offense?
Bowden: Really quick. He's very mature. Got a good feel for the game. Tough guy. A lot of the times these track guys you don't know how tough they are and you don't know if he can catch. His hands are a little bit better than I thought. Got some toughness. Got good vision and some running skills. He's learned the offense pretty good. Coming in January definitely helped him get this far.

What has Chris Capote done to impress you this year?
Bowden: Well he's behaved himself on the other side of campus. He's done things correctly over there. He's always kind of been on the edge over here. On the edge of work habit and on the edge over there. But he's cleaned up his act over there and worked hard. So he's really responded on both ends of the spectrum.

Do you think it was because of what happened down in Orlando?
Bowden: I don't know. Sometimes it's the age a lot of them mature. It's his third year. A lot of times that's when the light comes on.

Any injury updates?
Bowden: Andrew Diomonde (knee), Barry Humphries (ankle), JaMarcus Grant and Tramaine Billie.

Have you sat down with the freshmen to let them know who's playing this year?
Bowden: No I have not sat down with anybody. Some do and some don't. But again Barry Richardson at this time looked like a redshirt guy and he started the fourth game of the season. What you have to decide now is some of these young guys going to be as good five or six games in as the guys in front of them. I think 10 of our 11 starters on defense, only one played as a true freshman- Clay. That was it. I think eight or nine on offense. Our first rounders we've had around here ... both of them were fifth year guys. Top Stories