CUTigersTV: Korn Postgame Interview

DUNCAN, S.C. - Watch and listen to Byrnes quarterback and Clemson verbal commitment Willy Korn talk about Saturday's win over Glades Central (Fla).

CUTigersTV: Korn Discusses Win Over Glades

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Just talk about the atmosphere out here today and playing on national television. That had to be a thrill for you.
Korn: Just look at the stands. We completely filled up Hixon Field today. It's an unbelievable feeling to come out there and beat one of the top teams in the nation. They were ranked No. 5 by USA Today. We came out and executed. We didn't really do a great job on offense, but the defense did a heckuva job. It was just a great atmosphere.

It had to help striking first and getting that quick lead.
Korn: That really set the tone with our defense coming out there and then having a good drive and putting points on the board. We turned the ball over too many times but we came up with in some critical situations ... some third and longs.

Did this feel like any game you had ever played in before?
Korn: I've never felt like this. National television. Espn. I can't believe it. This is only going to help us get better for the season?

How were you able to keep your emotions in check despite the fact this game was on national television? This really wasn't another game was it?
Korn: It really wasn't. That's what I told myself before the game. I didn't want to get too hyped up for a nationally televised game. Right before the game I was thinking, 'man this is on ESPN.' There's three million people at home watching this game. That's unbelievable.

How were you able to shut that out when you were struggling a little there in the first half?
Korn: You just got to put in out of your mind. It's all about the game. Playing the game with passion. We turned the ball over but it's going to help us down the road. Top Stories