CUTigersTV: Game Week is Here

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden announced Monday that Jacoby Ford and C.J. Spiller will likely handle the bulk of punt and kick returns Saturday against Florida Atlantic.

CUTigersTV: Tigers Prepare for Florida Atlantic

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Opening comments
Bowden: It's a Monday before the game. It's all game plan now.

You said last week you were expecting to see some more spring in the players' step today. Did you see that?
Bowden: Yeah you want some but you don't want a whole bunch because you are still so far away from playing. Hopefully they were a little tired after practice. We didn't condition so they have to do the condition in practice. You want them a little tired this early.

Is Jacoby Ford getting the first crack at punt returner?
Bowden: Probably. Because he's a little bit older than C.J. He's been here six months longer. I feel a little bit better because Jacoby is here. He's a true freshman but I feel more comfortable. He did it at Fork Union and he did in the spring. He's done it a whole bunch. He did it in high school. He did it prep school and he did here in the spring.

Do you feel your overall team speed is better than it's been in a while?
Bowden: It was better with (LB Tramaine) Billie. He was 100 meter track champion. Now you take that out. It was better with him in there and last year he started. Charles Bennett and Phillip Merling. Charles is probably faster than Phillip. Corner- Tye Hill is faster than either corner we put out there. Probably not as fast as we were last year. Billie is a spring champion. Tye Hill is a sprint champion.

What have Jamie Cumbie and Ricky Sapp done during the preseason to impress you and possibly play this year as freshmen?
Bowden: They are athletic big bodies. James is a little bit bigger guy. Ricky is a little bit quicker. When you have a 6-foot-7 wingspan like Cumbie, it's difficult to throw over. Both need more strength and that will come with time and experience.

Are you pretty much set with Cullen Harper as your back up quarterback?
Bowden: You have to ask Rob (Spence).

Think you'll wait until Thursday to make a decision at punter?
Bowden: I told the punters today see who punts best this week and we'll make it either Thursday or Friday or pregame.

Ford is going to handle punt returns and who will do kickoffs?
Bowden: Ford and C.J. Spiller.

Have your long snappers done a little bit better as of late?
Bowden: Colin has done a good job. Top Stories