2003 Profile: RB Barrington Edwards

Barrington Edwards is one of the top running backs in the nation and a member of TheInsiders 101 national team and the BorderWars 101 regional team. After rushing for 2,170 yards and 30 touchdowns as a junior, Edwards has an offer from nearly every school in the nation.

"Man, I haven't even started to narrow my list down," said Edwards with a laugh. "I'm an outgoing guy, and it's hard to tell people that you're not interested in their schools; especially when there are so many great schools out there. Some of the ones that I'm looking at are Maryland, Georgia, Michigan State, LSU, Tennessee, Michigan, Penn State, Clemson, Syracuse, and South Carolina. I'm pretty much wide open though. I'll start to narrow things down when the season starts, and I start taking my visits."

Schools were fighting to get Edwards to come to their camps this summer, but only Maryland was close enough to home to get a visit. "I wanted to go to more camps, but I was in school taking classes all summer. I was trying to make up some work and get ahead in other areas. I wanted to go to more camps, but school was more important to me. That didn't stop people from trying though," said Edwards with a laugh. "Some schools would say, 'Aw come one, you can fly in on Friday night.' It just didn't work out though."

While immediate playing time will is one of the most important factors for Edwards, being treated like a man may be even a bigger priority to him. "I don't want to be pampered. I've never been treated like a baby, and I don't want to be treated like a baby now. I want to earn my respect when I get to school. I'm looking for a place that I can call my new home, not a place that I can just go play football. These guys will be like my second family, and the coach will have to be like my dad for a few years. That kind of coach is hard to find. This isn't going to be a job for me; I want it to be a home away from home. If I can find a place like that, you can go ahead and put the scholarship papers in front of me. I'll sign them, and we can get busy winning a national title."

Many recruits have a pretty good idea where they want to go to school by this time of year, but Edwards will be keeping a close eye on the teams he's interested in. "I'm going to watch all the teams this year. I want to go to a place that wins. If they don't have that long tradition of winning, I want to make sure I go to a place where we can build that tradition together. I just want to do my best and help a team win a national title."

While Edwards will be watching a host of teams across the nation, they will be watching him eagerly hoping that they will be fortunate enough to be his new home away from home.

Here is a quick video clip of Edwards in action. His highlight video is not crystal clear, but it is clean enough to see the potential that Edwards brings to the table:

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