Spence Confident in Harper, Reese

CLEMSON – The worst fear for every Clemson fan is starting quarterback Will Proctor going down with a severe injury for an extended period of time. If he does, the offense will fall into the hands of the backup quarterbacks.

Either Cullen Harper, who is currently second on the depth chart, and Tribble Reese, who is on the third team, would be forced into action. If that does occur, offensive coordinator Rob Spence is confident the team will succeed.

"The one thing I can say is both of those quarterbacks have shown promise and improvement and it's very evident that they've taken their game to another level right now and they're progressing nicely," Spence said. "They push each other every day. I think the depth chart is where it stands right now. They've both gotten better in fairly large increments. They're pushing each other."

Fortunately for Proctor and Tiger fans, that hasn't happened. Thus, Proctor goes into Saturday's game as the leader of the offense.

And even though Clemson should beat Florida Atlantic rather easily, Spence isn't planning on saving any gimmicks or new formations for the following week's game against Boston College.

Right or wrong, the Tigers are going to open up the offense.

"We'll play to win, I promise you that," Spence said. "That means we're going to play our game, our style of football. Well see what they're doing and that will determine what we'll call and how we'll go about business on offense. We'll play accordingly to how they lineup and what they do."

DAVIS THE CUTUP: Tuesday afternoon, star running back James Davis was holding court with the throng of media and he was in rare form. He was full of jokes, while dispersing his views and opinions of this weekend.

Davis was asked if he gets tired of being asked so many questions about freshman C.J. Spiller.

"I like talking about the guy," Davis said. "Sometimes I sit at home and think about what I'm going to say the next day."

Speaking of Spiller, Davis said he wouldn't be surprised if Spiller received a recruiting promise ran the ball on the game's first play like Davis did himself a year ago.

Davis answered questions Tuesday while wearing a baseball hat with autographs of Jacoby Ford and Tyler Grisham on it.

The three of them share have a theatre class together and he asked them to sign it at the beginning of class in front of about 50 other students.

"I asked for their autograph in front of everyone and everyone laughed," Davis said. "That was just to get everybody in the mood to talk to us and not just say they're football players and not speak to us. We really relaxed everybody in the class."

However, there was a third autograph on the hat.

"Somebody said I was a football player and that I should sign it, too," Davis said. "So, I did."

If football doesn't pan out for Davis professionally, is said you won't find him in the movies or on television, either.

"I don't think I'm going to be doing any plays," he said. "I might be the guy who raises the curtain. I have no acting skills. Now, Tyler, he's a pretty good actor."

MORE ON C.J: Spence, who's not known for being overly quotable, had some interesting comments about Spiller.

"He's electric when he touches the ball," Spence said. "He reminds me a little bit of Warrick Dunn. He's a young player, though, and I don't know if you want to count too much and too heavily on a player that's coming right out of high school."

West Zone
Now that the outer shell of the West Zone Project is completed, 82,000 fans are in for a real treat, according to center Dustin Fry.

"It's going to be fun just because it's going to be a lot louder," he said. "It's cool on how it kind of bowls in. It just brings a different aspect to everything because you're surrounded. I'm just looking forward to seeing that whole area just packed with people. It echoes a lot more. So when we get 82,000 people in there, it's going to be louder than before."

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