Quick Hits with Chansi Stuckey

CLEMSON - CUTigers.com caught up with wide receiver Chansi Stuckey earlier this week to get his thoughts on the season opener against Florida Atlantic, freshman running back C.J. Spiller and more!

You've got Florida Atlantic coming into Death Valley Saturday. It's not a conference game. It's not a nationally ranked opponent. Does that change your approach to this game at all?
Stuckey: No because anybody can beat anybody. We know that. We have to go out there an minimize the mistakes that are going to happen. We know we can't look past them.

How much are you looking forward to getting past preseason and just finally playing in a real game that means something?
Stuckey: It's definitely great. It's great to see how our guys are going to come out and compete against other talent. Florida Atlantic has some fast guys and some strong guys but we're ready.

Coach Bowden said Tuesday that as many as 19 freshmen (both redshirt and true) are going to play in this game. What have you seen out of some of those young guys that has impressed you during the preseason, and in particular with C.J. Spiller?
Stuckey: C.J.- it's just his speed and the way he catches the ball out of the backfield. He does that really well. I'm anxious to see what he can do Saturday.

There seems to be a lot of talk about competing for an ACC Championship this year. Has that been a focal point for you guys in the locker room?
Stuckey: It's a goal for us, definitely. We just have to take one week at a time.

What have you seen out of Will Proctor since Charlie left?
Stuckey: I see a lot of confidence. He had a good camp and a great summer. We're just ready to see him on the field and ready to see him lead us.

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