Bowden Press Conference Notes

CLEMSON - Head coach Tommy Bowden met with the media Tuesday morning to preview Boston College.

Last year Boston College held you without a first down on third down conversions. You were 0-for-11. What else did they do to come in here and beat you?
Bowden: I think several things. They had the ball 90 something plays we had it over 50. They were 50% and we were 0-for-11. Their offensive line kept our defense on the field and kept us off the field. I think that shows ... they had eight wins we had seven last year. It's about four or five simple things like that determined the outcome.

Have you come up with a plan to replace Anthony Waters?
Bowden: No. And if I did I'm not going to explain it anyway.

Are you concerned about the emotional psyche of the team after losing Anthony Waters and also Tramaine Billie?
Bowden: It's a loss. There will be some mental adjustment. What you do is try to educate the team. Wake has experienced the same thing. Louisville experienced the same thing. The Pittsburgh Steelers are experiencing the same thing.

Is there a concern that the coaches and the defensive coaches have to keep the players from thinking doom and gloom after losing Anthony and Tramaine?
Bowden: Again, we talked about leadership. The leadership on the team is very good. They'll see how good teams that have responded. The teams that are not successful are thinking doom and gloom. Hopefully with the seniors we have, and the time invested through five years, hopefully they'll see you can have success. That's how you hope they approach it.

Are you looking forward to seeing what your team is made of on the road against a good team?
Bowden: Yeah. As you get into conference play, it's all about winning the conference. You aren't going to win the conference by beating Florida Atlantic. So yeah you are kind of anxious to see how the team responds in conference games. You wish it would come at home maybe against a lesser opponent than Boston College.

Have you played up there in Boston before?
Bowden: I played there a long long time ago. The teams we got to play in this conference we are really familiar with. The stadium, the crowd noise and things of that nature. We don't know how loud it will be. It probably won't be as loud as it is here. We know there won't be as many people there as there are here. We'll have about 4,000 fans there.

Do you think you played into their hands by playing a low scoring, ball control type of game last year?.
Bowden: Our offense is predicated on trying to move the chains and score touchdowns just like we did Saturday against Florida Atlantic. Every offense is ball control because nobody wants turnover. Nobody has turnovers built into their scheme. We'd like to have scored more points, but their defense was better. They were the better the team. We just got beat by a better team. I didn't think we were too conservative. WE didn't try to go in there and play conservative.

Were you surprised at how close their game was against Central Michigan?
Bowden: I would say heavy favorites in an environment. They built up a 31-10 lead or something like that and probably lost interest in the game. I think you have to take those things into consideration. We anticipate a higher level of intensity against us than against Central Michigan. We think we'll see faster motors than what they played against Central Michigan.

Have you been pleased with what you've seen from your punt team in practice thus far?
Bowden: Yeah. You can never fully evaluate it until you get to the game. We've practice it live against our first team punt block team. We've done everything we can to have them game ready.

Looking at the video from Boston College, they have a couple of guys back on defense back this year. They also have one that is suspended for the first half. They also have Toal who plays both ways. Can you comment on those guys?
Bowden: They are really productive. If you put a stopwatch on Toal there are probably bigger faster guys but he's really productive. He just makes plays. If you watch them play, Tom O'Brien, I think he's been there nine years and won five or six bowl games in a row, they are just fundamentally sound. They are going to bring some pressure but with the umbrella. Three deep and three under.

You used 20 first year players last week against Florida Atlantic. Did you like what you saw out of them?
Bowden: Yes. Well I think Sapp had three pressures. Gaines had none. He had a tackle for loss. Jeremy Campbell played good. Crezdon Butler. Kevin Alexander. There was so many of them. I was very impressed with them.

How many do you anticipate playing this week at Boston College.
Bowden: Probably close to 20 again. I'd say it would be the same. Bryan Baker the walk-on won't make the trip. But most all those guys will make the trip and are in the rotation or on special teams. So I'd say 18. 19. 20. They probably won't play as much, but at some point in time they'll be put in for critical situations.

How much of this job is psychological?
Bowden: It seems like this job, a huge part is physiological. There's a tremendous amount of motivate. Dealing with situations other than football. Academic issues. Being an underdog Motivation. Thank goodness for my staff. But a lot of it is exactly what you say- motivation. Like Antonio Clay's situation. Tramaine's injury. JaMarcus Grant also lost somebody. That's why I was kind of pleased last week with 20 new guys playing. I thought those guys Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday really focused in on attention to detail.

First road game in the ACC with Will Proctor. Do you do anything different with him to work him into the flow of the game this week?
Bowden: I think last week's game will really help him. Different environment (in Boston). It will be a little bit different. Him being a fifth-year senior, getting his first game under his belt. After the first series I don't think it will be a factor. Then the next thing you look at is down by three in the fourth quarter. Until he's put in that environment on the road, you never fully know.

How would you assess Will's performance from last week?
Bowden: Well he threw the ball for 65% so that was pretty good. He was pretty good. Managed the team right in terms of checks. Those type of things he did well. Little jittery at first.

You mentioned Spiller's nerves during the first game. Do you do some things to try and ease him into his first road game this week?
Bowden: Myself, playing in college I enjoyed playing away as much as they do at home. I think the players now would agree. Back when I played we flew up a day early because of the history of Boston. I think they are excited about that. As far as being nervous on the road ... there will be a little bit of that. With 20 new guys there will be that playing your first game on the road.

Does your team get to go around and see any of the sights or anything like that?
Bowden: Nah. We fly in to late. I would have liked to fly there Thursday. That would have been good to schedule. But that gets pretty expensive now a days. Top Stories