Clemson Football Notebook

CLEMSON – Gaines Adams is sickened by the fact his fellow senior teammate, middle linebacker Anthony Waters, is out for the season. He knows there's a void in the Clemson defense now that Waters is done for good.

Surprisingly, however, Adams doesn't feel as though it is his duty as a star or captain to try and compensate for the loss of Waters. He doesn't think he needs to cause more havoc in the backfield to take pressure off the new linebackers.

"I don't have to step my game up any more because I play hard from the beginning," Adams said. "That's what he was doing, so I'm not going to put any extra burden on myself and try to do the extra things that Waters was doing."

Such statements confused defensive coordinator Vic Koenning, who said all players need to raise their level of play in the absence of Waters.

"Yes, it surprises me," Koenning said. "I don't know what Gaines thinks and I'm not even going to try to venture into that. I don't know what he thinks. I wouldn't want him second-guessing me and I'm not going to second-guess him.

"I think we all need to do the best we can do and that's the best we can do. … Gaines is going to be Gaines and we've got to try to get Gaines to play the best he can and hopefully he'll play the best he can."

What makes the loss of Waters even more devastating is the fact that he was the vocal leader of the defense.

Adams is more of a lead-by-example type of player.

"Waters was vocal, but I'm not that type of person," Adams said. "I'm just going to go out and play hard and make plays and try to lead guys by that."

Adams, who along with Waters, thought about going pro last year, said he's not worried about the same thing happening to him.

"We know the pains that come with playing this game," he said. "You just have to go out and play hard and he was doing that. "When I made my decision, to make Clemson the best team it can be. If I would have left, I could have gotten injured. You can't go out and think about getting injured because that's when you're really going to get injured."

RAY RAY: Redshirt freshman cornerback Ray Ray McElrathbey has become a recent celebrity due to him becoming the legal guardian of his 11-year-old brother, Fahmarr, and the ACC and NCAA denying him help.

Recently, USA Today ran an article, as did a columnist in Fort Worth, Texas. Then this past week, Sports Illustrated as contacted Clemson and plans to do write something about his struggle.

All the national attention has Ray Ray appreciative of his newfound celebrity status for reasons most wouldn't think of.

"Without all the attention, I don't think the NCAA would care," he said.

He said it's instances like this weekend as to why he needs the assistance. A couple of female coeds have offered to look after Fahmarr, and that's fine, but they're not full-grown adults and don't have children.

"What if something happens?" Ray Ray said. "They're not used to being in those situations. They're really just kids, too."

SIZE VS. SPEED: Tigers center Dustin Fry said Boston College relies on constant pounding to wear the opposing line down, be it offensively or defensively. And that doesn't bother him one bit.

In fact, he said he'd rather face that than a linebacker with the speed like those at Miami.

"When you face speed, you think you're taking a good angle and you're going to get your block, but they slip by you before you get there," he said. "Those cats are fast and it's just a pain to deal with."

INJURY UPDATE: All five players (OG Roman Fry, OG Nathan Bennett, DL Rashaad Jackson, TE Thomas Hunter, TE Akeem Robinson) who were listed as questionable on Monday were elevated to probable. Top Stories