Coleman Plays the Waiting Game

Duane Coleman will have to wait until at least next week to find out if he will be eligible to play football this fall. The Naples, Florida native was the top running back in the Sunshine State last season, and one of the surprises in this year's recruiting class.

Duane Coleman rushed for 2,814 yards, scored a mind boggling 40 touchdowns, and averaged an 11.4 yards per carry last season in helping lead his team to the Class 5A State Championship.

Those numbers were good enough to be named the Sunshine Network's Player of the Year for the state of Florida last season, which is quite an impressive honor when you consider the talent level in that state.

While several schools were concerned about his academic situation, the Tigers went ahead full throttle in the recruiting process. Fortunately, it was announced earlier in the spring that Coleman was indeed fully qualified, after he scored a 19 on his final attempt at taking the ACT.

It is now that score that is in dispute. The NCAA Clearinghouse, which has the final say in terms of eligibility, informed the incoming freshman that a retest would be in order to prove that his previous score was legitimate.

Coleman has already retaken the standardized test, and he must score at least a 17 to become eligible this season. If not, he will enroll at Clemson as a partial qualifier and sit out the season. The results could be in as early as next week.

"I'm nervous about the outcome," Coleman said in a recent interview the Greenville News. "When I took the test this time, it wasn't about how smart I was. It was about how I could perform under pressure."

Pressure is something that Coleman has handled well on the football field, now we'll see how he responds in the classroom. Top Stories