Quick Hits with Will Proctor

CLEMSON - "We want to play in Jacksonville and we know we have to win games like this to get there," said QB Will Proctor about Saturday's game against Boston College.

Will what do you feel like you need to do to play better against Boston College Saturday?
Proctor: As a team we need to execute the game plan. For me I need to make the tough throws. We've got to have good protection up front and our wide outs have to make plays.

What kind of problems do they present you defensively?
Proctor: Obviously they are a big defense. They are physical. They've got speed and can do a lot. They can bring zone pressure. But, we practiced all week for them and hopefully we'll have success.

What about playing on the road for the first time as a starting quarterback.
Proctor: It's going to something different. Obviously I'm not going to have the home crowd support. From what I understand we'll have a bunch of fans there. But we'll go up there with 65 guys and we'll have 65 guys rallying around each other and hopefully we'll be able to play with a lot enthusiasm.

20 freshmen played on this team last week against Florida Atlantic. How do you feel like some of those guys did?
Proctor: We have a lot of confidence in those guys. Jacoby- his punt return you can tell he's going to be phenomenal to watch. C.J.- you could see him in flashes with a few great runs. You can see he can be explosive. But with all the guys, I'm glad they got to play last week because we are going to need them three or four snaps in a series they'll be ready.

Is this is a make or break game this early in the season? Especially with FSU beating Miami last weekend?
Proctor: I don't think so. It has conference implications and we know that. But this game won't determine our season. We are playing it, however, knowing that these are the kinds of games you have to win to win the conference. We want to play in Jacksonville and we know we have to win games like this to get there.

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