Spence: NFL Talent Across the Board at FSU

CLEMSON – As offensive coordinator, Rob Spence has said in the past that part of his game plan focuses on what kind of defense Clemson has and how strong it is playing.

With that being said, he said he sees no need for the offense to help pick up the slack with all the injuries to the other side of the ball.

Spence said the Tigers won't get into a shootout with Florida State this weekend.

"I just think you never, ever look at anything like that in our game," he said. "You go out, you do what you do, you do it to the best of your ability and you play as hard as you can. We have an outstanding defense and excellent athletes over there and there's no change of operation on our part."

In fact, Spence said the Clemson offense will plan on grinding it out as much as possible.

Time of possession, he believes, might be the biggest statistic of the game.

"It would obviously be a very big goal in this kind of game," he said. "That's how you wear them down. That's the only chance you have is to stay on the field and wear them down. It's got to be a war of attrition."

Saying it and doing it, however, are two completely different things. Keeping the offense moving is going to be a very difficult undertaking.

"When I watch the film, out of their 11 starters, it looks like there are 11 that can play in the NFL," Spence said. "That's the kind of defense you're looking at. It's probably one of the most talented physically that I've ever seen since I've been coaching."

End of Regulation
Spence was asked for the thought process on Clemson's last drive in regulation against Boston College and whether or not he wanted to settle for overtime.

"In two-minute operations and situations like that, the mode is to be more conservative and not less conservative," he said. "If you lose the ball in that situation or you turn it over, then you lose the game. You have to be very careful. But in no way, shape or form were we being just content just to tie the game at that point."

Injury Updates
Several folks with the team said it appears likely that Bandit Gaines Adams will play Saturday, but that they're not sure just how much of a factor he will be with his slight separated shoulder.

They say it's just a matter of how much pain he can withstand and whether or not he's afraid to push it and really use it.

For his part, Adams thinks he'll play, but he's leaving that up to the team doctors.

"I'm just concentrating on rehab," he said. "Luckily I didn't break anything. I'm going to leave that up to (the doctors). It's an injury that's going to hurt."

As far as cornerback C.J. Gaddis is concerned, he has a sprained and bruised foot and the outlook on him isn't very good. Virtually no one expects him to play Saturday.

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