Spiller Excited About Return to Florida

Freshman running back C.J. Spiller talks about his 82-yard touchdown catch last week against Boston College, and also previews this weekend's game against Florida State with CUTigers.com.

C.J. I know Saturday will be a big day for you going back to your home state of Florida to see you play. Are you expecting a lot of friends and family at the game?
Spiller: Oh yeah. They should be there by early in the afternoon but I am expecting a lot of them to be here. Hopefully I can play well for them.

Talk about that 82-yard touchdown catch last week against Boston College.
Spiller: My offensive linemen gave me time enough to hit me on the check down on the screen route. I was able to make a couple of guys miss and then my wide receivers gave me a couple of great blocks downfield to seal off a couple of defenders for me and I saw the end zone from there.

Is that a role you see yourself really excelling at here at Clemson- catching the ball out of the backfield?
Spiller: I think so. Every thing is going good so far. I love doing that. Sometimes people get the wrong idea that running backs can't really catch, but I can.

You get to play in the stadium you are very familiar with against a hostile crowd. What do you think that's going to be like for you?
Spiller: It's going to be a fun game Saturday. I know all the coaches over there and a lot of the players and they all know me pretty well. Hopefully I can come out and a have a good game but it's going to be a lot of fun playing down there.

What do you know about the FSU defense?
Spiller: I know they are fast and they will hit you. They've look good the first two weeks of the season. We know that. But they've go the same speed you expect a Florida State defense to have really. They have a lot of talent and depth.

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